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From doctoral dreams to engineering miracles

Despite always wanting to become a doctor, Fatemeh Amiri took a leap of faith into medical engineering. Today, she is part of Getinge’s R&D team, specialized in designing circuit board prototypes and striving to make life-saving technology accessible for more people.

Growing up, Fatemeh Amiri’s heart was set on one firm thing – becoming a doctor. The wonder of medicines, the power of healing and the dream of making a difference captivated her. But life, as it sometimes does, had other plans. When she found herself at a crossroad, urged to choose between studying medicine and diving into the world of medical engineering, she took a leap of faith into the latter.

“The transition wasn’t just a change in my academic direction, it was about redefining my purpose. I realized that while a doctor’s hands can heal one patient at a time, innovations of an engineer can amplify that healing a hundred times,” explains Fatemeh.

At the global medtech company Getinge, she found her calling, developing devices that help staff at hospitals around the world.

“I remember a specific moment during a visit to an intensive care unit, standing next to a patient, when my purpose became very clear.”

Getinge’s ventilator was aiding the patient to keep breathing. The gratitude in the eyes of the patient’s family made Fatemeh realize that it is not just about the device; it is about the lives that are touched, the hope it instilled, and the futures it secured.

“At Getinge, I know many who share this sense of purpose. Every day, we come together to equip doctors with tools that can save not just one, but countless lives. We make life-saving technology accessible for more people.”

In the end, whether through a stethoscope or a circuit board, the essence remains the same to Fatemeh: a deep desire to make a difference. Every day at Getinge, she still gets to live her childhood dream.

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