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Developing alternatives to palm oil with Getinge bioreactors

Getinge has entered a collaboration with NoPalm Ingredients in the Netherlands. The company will begin using Getinge’s bioreactors in their efforts to develop local, circular, and sustainable alternatives to palm oil.

Ranging from small to larger volume cultivation systems, Getinge’s bioreactors will be key enablers in NoPalm Ingredients’ ambitions to upscale tests covering various feedstocks and applications.

“We believe that this partnership will not only benefit our company but will also contribute to the broader scientific community by facilitating groundbreaking discoveries and innovations. Thanks to Getinge, our R&D team will have access to the latest tools and technologies for conducting tests with greater precision and efficiency,” says Jeroen Hugenholtz, co-founder and CTO at NoPalm Ingredients.

The enthusiasm is shared by the Getinge team involved in the partnership.

“We are very happy to be part of this young company’s aim to redefine sustainability in their industry. The goals of this long-term collaboration are to help NoPalm Ingredients streamline their R&D processes and expand from research to production in the quest for a palm oil-free future,” says Jasin El Refaei, Sales Engineer, Life Science at Getinge.

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