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Getinge Online for acute care products

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Getinge Online for acute care products

Equipment data when you need it. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our digital service Getinge Online, connects people, products and ideas, which enables both service teams and clinicians to improve efficiency. Getinge Online gives instant access to equipment data that helps you, your team and the hospital to gain insights and maximize uptime. The data also helps you lower anesthetic agent usage and reduce the environmental footprint. The first products to be connected are the Getinge Flow Family of anesthesia machines and the Servo-u/n/air ventilators.


Improve uptime in your ICU and OR

Getinge Online, part of the service offering Getinge Care, is a digital service to which hospitals can connect their Getinge medical devices to transfer equipment data.

Our connectivity solution allows you to always be one step ahead. With information always easily available, you are able to optimize the equipment uptime and troubleshoot issues from anywhere. Anytime.

Allow your staff to be proactive, save valuable time, and focus on the tasks that matter most.

  • Technical troubleshooting / remote support
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Online access to manuals

Online tool helps children’s hospital improve anesthesia equipment uptime

At the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children in Northern Ireland, Getinge Flow-i anesthesia machines are connected to Getinge Online.

“Getinge Online is a great piece of work that helps me keep on top of things. I log in at least once a day to keep everything in check. There’s a lot of information available, but the intuitive layout and navigation make it very easy to find what you are looking for,” says Brendan Kelly, Critical Care Scientist at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

Read our customer story from Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

How does Getinge Online work?

Getinge Online is accessible for you - anytime, anywhere.

The equipment data is securely transferred from the Getinge device to a server and displayed in a customer web portal.

Simply log in to your personal web portal where your role-based dashboard will allow you to view and analyze service and equipment data about connected Getinge devices.

The product may not be approved for distribution in your country, please check with your local Getinge sales team.

Key benefits

Getinge Online is rooted in the insight that connectivity will make a difference in health care. The idea is to analyze all available data and gain insights that will make life easier for our customers. Together as one, we're changing healthcare.


Maximize uptime

  • Quicker troubleshooting
  • Individualized perspective on service needs
  • Access to remote support from experts
  • Improved asset management

Gain insight

  • Define best practice and use data as a training tool
  • Adhere to protocol
  • Help reduce anesthetic agent usage and environmental footprint

Improve efficiency

A result of maximized uptime and comprehensive insight.

  • Proactive actions
  • Improved preventive maintenance planning