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CS100 IABP with IntelliSync

IntelliSync offers one-button start up, the CS100 automatically adapts to changing conditions.

Focus on the patient
Not the pump

The CS100 with IntelliSync offers one-button start up, automatically adapting to changing conditions, making it the right choice for any patient condition.

Automated trigger source and timing management provide continuous, consistent support for your patient.

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Automatically evaluates and selects optimal trigger source and lead

Sets inflation at the dicrotic notch and deflates IAB at the start of systole

Responds to changes in signal quality by selecting new trigger source

Fast inflation and deflation speed

The CS100 offers fast inflation and deflation for improved diastolic augmentation and unloading.

IntelliSync timing algorithms

Regularly examine key waveform landmarks on both assisted and unassisted beats to determine optimal timing. This allows the pump to react quickly in the presence of rate or rhythm changes. Trigger sources are continuously evaluated for quality, ensuring that the pump is always utilizing the best available signal.

Optimal patient support

Automated, trigger source and timing management provide continuous, consistent support for your patient.

Cath Lab

  • Fast, one-button start-up and delivery of therapy
  • Consistent support for patients with PVC's and arrhythmias
  • Fast Pneumatics

Critical Care Unit

  • Time saving – Automatically trouble-shoots and adapts
  • Easier patient management
  • Standardization of patient therapy

Operating Room

  • Eliminates alarms due to ESU noise
  • Reduced need for user intervention

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