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Fine-mesh trays and baskets

Fine-mesh sterilizing and processing trays and baskets designed to interface with modular sterilizing, processing baskets and instrument trays.

Fine-mesh baskets are ideal for holding small, sharp instruments during the washing and disinfection processes

Fine-mesh baskets with lid

For delicate and/or sharp instruments through the following phases of instrument reprocessing: cleaning and disinfection, ultrasonic cleaning and sterilization.

This fine-mesh basket with lid is ideal for holding small, sharp instruments during the washing/disinfection process. The basket is made of stainless steel with mesh size 1.5 mm.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

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The fine-mesh instrument trays has available lids as an accessory. Please consult the brochure or your local Getinge representative for more information.

Technical data

Model Size (mm) Mesh size (mm)
Fine-mesh instrument tray 210x150x40 1.6
310x210x40 1.6
420x310x40 1.6
Fine-mesh basket 100x100x60 1.5
60x60x45 1.5
120x60x45 1.5
150x60x45 1.5