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Getinge 9100-series

Getinge 9100-series helps you with your high-capacity reprocessing needs in an energy-efficient design. From utensils to surgical tables, you can count on Getinge 9100-series to deliver the reliable cleaning needed to prevent cross-contamination and keep patients safe.

Superior performance in high capacity reprocessing

Our industrial designers have worked with hospitals to address real-world cleaning challenges. Getinge 9100-series combines good design and smart solutions to deliver the highest levels of cleaning and efficiency. The cart washer can safely clean and disinfect transport carts, containers, bowls, basins and other bulky items.

Getinge-9100e effective cleaning

Effective cleaning

Up to 128 spray nozzles on a vertical oscillated manifold direct high powered water flow onto each load for optimum coverage and cleaning. No tools are needed to dismount for cleaning.

Getinge 9100e air barrier

Improved air barrier

Less building ventilation capacity is needed to maintain the differential pressure between departments (loading and unloading side).

Getinge 9100e auto sump

Automatic sump cleaning

The separated and independent spray nozzle system automatically flushes and cleans the sump underneath, without the need to lift the chamber floor.

Getinge 9100e water docking

Split water docking

Automatic water docking system adapts to universal wash carts with integral spray arms.

Technical data

Measurements - internal

Models   9120E 9125E 9127E 9128E 9128EW 9122EW
Chamber width mm / in 960 / 37.8 960 / 37.8 960 / 37.8 960 / 37.8 1170 / 46.0 1170 / 46.0
Chamber depth mm / in 2000 / 78.7 2500 / 98.4 2700 / 108.3 2850 / 112.2 2850 / 112.2 2200 / 86.6
Chamber height mm / in 2000 / 78.7 2000 / 78.7 2000 / 78.7 2000 / 78.7 2000 / 78.7 2200 / 86.6

For further details, please consult your Getinge representative.

Improve efficiency with 9100-series

With the Getinge 9100-series Cart Washer-Disinfectors, you can choose from multiple modes of operation: standard water and detergent use, or efficiency mode. Efficiency mode reduces the consumption of water, detergents and energy for cost-effective operation.

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