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Aquadis Index

An intuitive and high-performance washer-disinfector

For multiple reasons!

High performance, consistent results

With a modular design and a broad range of available accessories, the technology adapts to the unique needs of your facility – delivering reliable performance and results you can trust.

Intuitive and easy-to-operate

Unique user-interface requires less training and can easily be operated by staff at all experience levels.

Reuse utility-saving technology

Reduces water, energy, and detergent consumption and thereby minimizing overall use of resources.

High capacity

The spacious chamber handles wash carts up to 18 DIN trays per chamber.

Get connected

Get direct access to the data you need. Anytime, anywhere.

High cleaning performance

Large capacity and dedicated to handle large volumes of surgical items to ensure effective cleaning and disinfection with high throughput and high level of hygiene.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning

The entire wash cart is emerged in the ultrasonic bath and cleans up to 18 DIN trays in one process, allows a throughput up to 90 DIN trays per hour.

Ultra-dry performance

Efficient dual drying system including HEPA-filter, with heat exchanger for energy recovery from exhaust, reducing overall energy consumption.

Easy access for inspection and maintenance

Ergonomic single-side access for service and inspection. Chamber inspection glass doors allow view in process during operation.

Technical data


Aquadis Index models WD WWD WWD WUWD
Width (mm) 1,250
Length (mm) 2,079 3,096 3,941 3,941
Height (mm) 2,422
DIN tray capacity (pcs) 18
Maximum wash levels 6

Explanation of configuration codes:
W = Wash chamber(s)
U = Ultrasonic chamber
D = Drying chamber



Accessories for every need

Getinge offers a comprehensive range of loading accessories that allow you to customize your Getinge Aquadis Index to nearly any requirements – many of which are interchangeable with Getinge Aquadis PCU and Getinge 86-series Washer-Disinfectors.

Loading equipment catalogue to be downloaded under the "Documents" tab. 

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