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Hemagard Carotid Patch Knitted Ultrathin

Knitted Patches

  • Collagen-coated polyester patch
  • Reverse lock-knit knitting technique
  • Magnetic Resonance Safe
  • Water permeability: < 5ml/cm²/min[1]

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Hemagard Carotid Patch Knitted Ultrathin.

Hemagard Carotid Patch Knitted Ultrathin

Dimensions Tapered Reference
6 mm x 75 mm yes HGKTP06/75CPUT (1)
6 mm x 120 mm yes HGKTP06/120CPUT (1)
8 mm x 75 mm yes HGKTP08/75CPUT (1)
8 mm x 120mm yes HGKTP08/120CPUT (1)
8 mm x 150 mm yes HGKTP08/150CPUT (1)
10 mm x 75 mm no HGK10/75CPUT (1)
10 mm x 150 mm no HGK10/150CPUT (1)
12 mm x 75 mm no HGK12/75CPUT (1)
14 mm x 75 mm no HGK14/75CPUT (1)
25 mm x 75 mm no HGK25/75CPUT (1)
25 mm x 100 mm no HGK25/100CPUT (1)
25 mm x 150 mm no HGK25/150CPUT (1)


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