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Rotaflow RF-32

Radial centrifugal blood pump.

Integrated into an extracorporeal circuit, the RF-32 maintain the blood flow during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures or for extracorporeal circulatory support.

Engineered with simplicity and sophistication

Highly flexible modular component for integration in Rotaflow System.

The Rotaflow RF-32 centrifugal pump is a non-occlusive pump with no metal shaft or seal. This pump features a peg-top, one-point sapphire bearing that lowers friction substantially. Its volute housing provides an optimized flow ratio without stagnant zones. The centrifugal pump's minimal suction volume of 32 ml significantly reduces hemodilution.

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Minimal priming volume

Minimal surface area

No stagnant blood zones and less hot spots

Minimal hemolytic index

Minimal MTT (Mean Transit Time)

Hydraulic optimized flow channels

Siral housing for best flow ratio

Low-friction one-point bearing (sapphire ball & PE calotte)