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Automated detergent handling

Sterile reprocessing
Screen showing CMS data
Sterile reprocessing

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Save time and reduce costs with automated detergent handling

Make optimal use of your resources with a central dosing system in your sterile supply department.

It can be linked directly to your washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners and manual cleaning stations to maintain the level of detergent in each unit. The system provides an accurate method of controlling and measuring the amount of detergent used at your facility.

Save more than just time and money

There are also a number of indirect benefits that can improve operations, reducing the total cost of ownership.

  • Less risk of strain injuries for your staff
  • Space saving since detergent storage volume is reduced and confined
  • Reduced environmental impact with minimized packaging and detergent waste
  • Diminished risk of confusing chemicals with a reduced risk of spillage
  • Less staff exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • More time efficiency with automated system handling

The animation below explains how Clean Management Systems (CMS) can support you every day.


What would your savings be?

Please contact your local Getinge Sales representative to get an overview of how much your savings be, by replacing your manual handling of detergents to the Getinge Clean Management System.

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