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Improve onboarding of new CSSD staff

Operating Room
Sterile reprocessing
Digital Health
Sterile assistant packing instrument tray with help from instructions in T-DOC
Operating Room
Sterile reprocessing
Digital Health

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Guidance improving quality of your sterile production

When experiencing staff shortages, your Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) often needs to employ more staff than they’d otherwise want to. This can result in a mix of many inexperienced employees who need guidance working alongside experienced, highly specialized staff. Learn how to adapt to different staff competency levels to improve the quality of your sterile production.  

Minimize human errors in instrument reprocessing with step-by-step instructions

Prompting the user with relevant information and instructions (in the right order - at the right location) makes your sterile production floor run smoothly, with a consistent level of quality.

On-screen checklists - the user can easily verify and mark each instrument as counted, both in the CSSD and in the OR, making sure that every tray is adequately filled.

Built-in quality checks - prevent staff from skipping important steps in the sterile supply workflow or performing incorrect actions. New users can safely go through all instrument handling instructions while minimizing human error.

Our sterile supply management solution, T-DOC, is designed to support both new and experienced users while accommodating different user competencies.

As a former CSSD manager, I know the importance of complete user guidance during instrument reprocessing. It reduces training time significantly, while ensuring a consistently high quality output, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. T-DOC helps users achieve this."

Visual guidance enhances learning for hospital staff

In the CSSD, users need to pack trays that contain a wide variety of instruments, varying from simple to complex, from different specialties. Images and videos can familiarize staff with instruments and tray composition. They can also show how to disassemble an instrument, apply oil, or pack a tray. T-DOC’s visual support helps flatten the learning curve, as visual aids help new staff to repeat and remember the right way to process instruments.  

Adapt information to different user competency levels

Experience and competency among staff may vary greatly, and so does the individual’s need for guidance and information. Therefore, it is needed to identify different types of users —and how much support they need — to make sure that only selected staff receive the relevant supporting information, when they need it.

T-DOC’s tailored information flow and supportive functionalities enhance quality outcomes for new employees, while saving time for experienced staff.

Avoid interruptions of your sterile workflow while ensuring compliance

Notifications to alert attention

Healthcare staff often work in a hectic environment requiring fast - and correct - decision-making. T-DOC sends notifications (an email or SMS) when something requires attention or corrective measures, e.g. when:

  • your booking has changed status
  • an order has been cancelled
  • a data import job has failed due to missing data

Clear instructions to ease the task

In some situations, a user might need more detailed information to carry out a task while reprocessing an instrument.
T-DOC supports users with easy access to relevant external documents during a specific step or application, e.g. 

  • the manufacturer’s own instructions for users
  • links to websites

Ensure compliance with guidelines

During the instrument handling, staff needs to continuously follow and ensure compliance with local, regional, and national guidelines and regulations.
T-DOC contains a range of configurable settings making it easy to comply with infection control standards, e.g., requirements for instrument reprocessing. Managing and protecting personal data is also easily controlled, thereby also ensuring compliance with GPDR regulations.

Assisting your CSSD staff to ensure highest quality

Managers need various reports to get an overview of different staff metrics to see which activities users performed, and measure staff productivity. T-DOC makes it easy to follow staff progress and identify areas where your staff might need an extra hand.

Therefore T-DOC offers a wide range of tools that successfully assist your staff and ensure the highest quality and throughput in your sterile production.

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