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Atrium Express Dry Seal Chest Drain

Getinge dry seal valve technology requires no water for patient protection.

Fast set-up speed and efficiency with advanced dry seal technology.

Designed for fast set-up speed

The Express Chest Drain dry seal technology allows the user to immediately connect the drain to the patient's drainage tube as soon as its unpackaged. For those who want to use the air leak detection feature of the drain, each Express Chest Drain is shipped with a pre-filled syringe of sterile water which can be added to the drain expeditiously. You will notice it takes less water than our other drains, aiding in faster and easier set-up compared with other Atrium drains.

  • High negative and positive pressure relief valves for patient protection
  • Express chest drains offer quicker and more convenient set-up compared with other Atrium drains
  • The Express chest drain integrates precision dry suction regulation, and a dry seal one-way valve technology for patient safety
  • In-line connector with Luer lock sampling port
  • Fingertip suction adjustment from -10 to -40 cmH2O (pre-set at -20 cmH2O)
  • Highly visible suction indicator
  • High negative and positive pressure relief valves for patient protection
  • Graduated monitor for patient air leak trending
  • Large handle designed for grasping and flexi-hangers allow the drain to be hung bedside from a single point
  • Internal knock-over nozzles help to reduce inter-chamber fluid spills
  • Large graphics to facilitate fast, accurate drainage assessment
  • Removable side clamp
  • Not made from natural rubber latex

Atrium Express: Single Collection 4000 Series

Atrium Express: Single Collection 4000 Series

Description Case QTY Part Number
Single Collection, 1 Patient Tube 6 4000-100N

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