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Getinge Assured Batch Monitoring System

Assurance to the user that maximum cycle parameters have been achieved to release the load.

The Getinge Assured Batch Monitoring System verifies air evacuation and steam penetration necessary for the sterilization of hollow lumen instruments.

The test is designed to be used in each sterilization cycle as an independent control device.

* Not available for sales in the USA.


Getinge Assured Batch Monitoring System offers:

  • Cycle specific calibrations - 134°C at 3.5, 4, 5.3 and 7 minutes
  • Reusable device accompanied with single use chemical indicator strips
  • Suitable for daily sterilization monitoring
  • Adhesive back for easy documentation
  • Lead free and no toxic heavy metals
  • Color change from pink to black

Technical data

  Order No.
Getinge Assured Helix Test 3.5, Refill Kit 6005500037
Getinge Assured Helix Test 4, Refill Kit 6005500038
Getinge Assured Helix Test 5.3, Refill Kit 6005500039
Getinge Assured Helix Test 7, Refill Kit 6005500040
Getinge Assured Batch Monitoring System PCD Device 6005500575

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