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Maquet Otesus OR Table System

A reliable system that improves workflows and patient safety

The Maquet Otesus surgical table the evolution of the proven Maquet Alphamaquet 1150 OR table System, that you’ve trusted for more than two decades.

It has continuously been updated to meet the comfort, safety and flexibility requirements of multiple surgical disciplines in the modern OR.

With the Maquet Otesus Operating Table,  you can optimize your workflow and improve throughput to maximize the efficiency of your surgical theater.
Maquet Otesus is a future-proof investment that grows with your hospital’s changing requirements.
Maquet Otesus expands patient positioning possibilities to keep patients safe and improve comfort for surgical staff during procedures.

Expand your opportunities with Maquet Otesus

Maquet Otesus surgical table features a number of key enhancements developed in collaboration with OR teams, while retaining many tried-and-trusted features of its proven predecessor – minimizing the need for training.

  • A flexible solution
  • A future-proof investment
  • Broad positional flexibility

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Operating table Otesus

A flexible solution

The modular operating table system includes a column, a hand control, a user-friendly transporter, and a wide variety of table tops and accessories. Surgical staff can tailor the table to each surgery and patient by simply swapping a few modules.

Maquet Otesus Operating table

A future-proof investment

As today’s hospitals are under increasing cost pressure, replacing an entire surgical table system is not always a viable option. The compatibility of Maquet Otesus OR table allows to completely renew or gradually replace equipment without straining budget.

Foot from otesus operating table

Broad positional flexibility

The Maquet Otesus surgical table Column provides broad positioning flexibility to meet the ergonomic needs of different surgeons for different procedures. With four columns to choose from, hospitals can customize the table solution that works best for their unique needs.

Maquet Otesus Table Tops

Otesus operating table view from the side

Maquet Otesus 1160.30 Table Tops

Universal table top with three pairs of motors.

Operating table otesus

Maquet Otesus 1160.10 Table Top

Universal table top with two pairs of motors.

remote to otesus table

Smart Control

Efficient table top operating with the new Smart Control Remote

Increasing comfort for surgical staff

otesus operating table and nurse

Comfortable work while seated...

With a broad range of heights, Maquet Otesus can reduce surgeons’ fatigue, and improve access  in procedures requiring very low positions – such as spine or nephrology procedures.

Otesus operating table lifted up and nurse

... or standing

Very high table settings improve access in orthopedic procedures like femur fracture repairs. 

Otesus operating  table close up

Ergonomic working environment

Continuous flush arrangement of the side rails of the Maquet Otesus Table Tops contributes to an ergonomic working environment.

Maximize the efficiency of your surgical theater

In the OR, time is money. Improvements in efficiency can have a dramatic impact on the hospital’s bottom line. With the Maquet Otesus Operating Table System, you can optimize your workflow and improve throughput to maximize the efficiency of your OR.

Maquet otesus - Easy Click interfaces

Patient transfer area

With Easy Click interfaces, it’s easy to reduce setup time. Simply click the elements into the surface to configure the table top to the surgeon’s specifications. Bracket interfaces allow for easy setup of table components. After a quick and simple configuration of the table top, your patient can remain on the table top throughout the whole procedure without repositioning.

The Maquet Otesus Transporter

Between rooms

The Maquet Otesus Transporter allows surgical staff to maneuver patients with minimal physical effort. It simplifies the reconnection and disconnection of the table tops to the Maquet Otesus Column to streamline the workflow in the surgical theater.

The versatile, motorized Ergo Drive transporter is a safe, efficient, user-friendly solution that reduces the strength needed during manual transport and transfer.

Maquet otesus - smart Control

Inside the OR

Bidirectional communication with the column provides real-time information on the current table configuration. The Smart Control continuously receives the table set up informations and automatically displays them, which saves time, enhances safety and simplifies documentation. 

In the CSSD

To minimize hospital acquired infections, efficient and thorough cleaning is essential. Maquet Otesus is designed with smooth column surfaces and Velcro-free table top cushions. The highest hygiene standards can be implemented with our machine-washable accessories, transporters and table tops.

Keeping patients safe

The OR table can play a critical role in patient safety initiatives. From effective pressure distribution to gravity-assisted surgical techniques, the right table design improves outcomes and prevents complications that delay recovery.

Maximum Trendelenburg / tilt combination

Maquet Otesus provides a great Trendelenburg / tilt combination that allows gravity to assist the surgeon, naturally moving organs out of the way in procedures like laparoscopic colon surgery. This flexibility enables a broader range of surgical options that deliver better patient outcomes and faster recovery.

Recognition of table set-up

Very precise table movements protect patients and improve accuracy during intraoperative re-adjustments. A wrong interpretation of the table set up (normal vs reverse) can be prevented with the Smart Control that identifies reverse and normal positioning, and adapts the intended table movement automatically.

Collision prevention

Collision dangers exist in any scenario with moving parts. Transponders can help prevent collisions and protect both your equipment and the patient. Maquet Otesus tracks the transponders, and issues a warning when the accessories are on a collision course with the column or floor – even if the table top is positioned in reverse.

Supported patient breathing

Patients with respiratory conditions benefit from upright transport that limits the body weight pressing on the lungs and support and stabilize circulation. With the Maquet Otesus Table Tops, patients can be positioned in a more comfortable upright position during transportation and recovery.

Improved imaging

Advanced intraoperative imaging techniques require a table that’s user-friendly and radiolucent. The extended longitudinal shift“ and carbon fiber elements make the Maquet Otesus able to generate crucial diagnostic images.

Comfortable, hygienic pads

Soft Integral Protective Comfortable (IPC) cushions offer pressure relief performance that is comparable to Soft Foam Core (SFC) cushions. The hygienic, Velcro-free pads are waterproof. Certain variants of the pads can be mechanically decontaminated and disinfected.

Patient positioning with Maquet Otesus

A broad range of angles and tilts increase patient positioning options

Maquet Otesus expands the patient positioning possibilities by offering optimal reverse or normal configuration together with a wide range of angles and tilts. This delivers increased access in various surgical positions.

Patient laying on the otesus surgical table from Getinge

Shoulder surgery in beach chair position

patient lying down on operating table in gynaecological and urological surgery position

Gynaecological and urological surgery in lithotomy position

patient lying in lateral position on operating table

Kidney procedure in lateral position

patient lying on the operating table

Extended longitudinal shift improves intraoperative imaging

Operating table and patient

Conventional cholecystectomy

patient lying in prone position on otesus operating table

Kidney procedure in prone position

Otesus operating table and patient

Laparoscopic bariatric surgery

Otesus operating table with patient lying in vertical position

Laparoscopic bariatric surgery

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