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Hemapatch Knitted

Knitted Patches

  • Collagen-coated polyester patch
  • Reverse lock-knit knitting technique
  • Magnetic Resonance Safe
  • Water permeability: < 5ml/cm²/min[1]

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Hemapatch Knitted.

Hemapatch Knitted 

Dimensions Reference
25 mm x 50 mm HEK25/50P (1)
25 mm x 100 mm HEK25/100P (1)
50 mm x 50 mm HEK50/50P (1)
75 mm x 75 mm HEK75/75P (1)
100 mm x 100 mm HEK100/100P (1)
10 mm x 140 mm HEK10/140P (1)
20 mm x 140 mm HEK20/140P (1)
  1. 1. Data on file

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