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Maquet Betaclassic Mobile OR Table

High-quality and cost-efficient mobile surgical table

Maquet betaclassic mobile operating table
Maquet betaclassic OR table in supine position for neurosurgical procedures
Maquet betaclassic OR table in beach-chair position for shoulder surgery, in reverse

A manually operated hydraulic power unit and ergonomically designed controls are standard on the robust Maquet Betaclassic surgical table.

A few swift pumps of the pedal-operated selector enable precise adjustment of the OR table top position. The proven design ensures excellent table stability and unrestricted patient access for the surgical team.

Maquet Betaclassic provides dedicated solutions for military and disaster medicine, as it does not depend on any external power source. Thanks to the large castors, the OR table can be transported regardless of the terrain.

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Maquet Betaclassic operating table laparoscopic surgery

Minimally invasive surgery

Good access to the patient, e.g. for minimally invasive surgery, thanks to the abduction joints at the leg plate mounting point.

Betaclassic features pedal operated

Drive and control

The hydraulic drive and the ergonomic control elements are characteristic of this operating table. The pedal operated selection calott e enables precise sett ing of the table top positions with just a few foot operations.

Betaclassic features longitudinal shift

Low position

Table top can be set to an extremely low position (600mm – 23 ”), enabling ergonomic working when seated.

Betaclassic features longitudinal shift

Optional longitudinal shift

Optional longitudinal shift enables ideal C-arm usage.

Maquet Betaclassic operating table laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery

Positioning for laparoscopic surgery, good access thanks to abduction joint.

Maquet Betaclassic operating table  lithotomy position


Lithotomy position with leg holder.

Maquet Betaclassic operating table for shoulder surgery

Shoulder surgery

Beach-Chair position for shoulder surgery, in reverse.

Maquet Betaclassic operating table fracture treatment

Fracture treatment

Fracture treatment with traction device.

Maquet Betaclassic operating table for neurosurgical procedures

Neurosurgical procedures

Supine position for neurosurgical procedures.

Maquet Betaclassic operating table supine position with low height

Head procedures

Supine position for procedures in the head area, low height enables ergonomic working when seated.

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