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Getinge Vac-a-Scope

Getinge Vac-a-Scope

Safe storage and transport of flexible endoscopes


Easy to use, this benchtop endoscope packaging system prepares and stores
endoscopes, so they’ll be ready when you need them.

Safe, simple, and secure

The patented system preserves instrument integrity from reprocessing through to the procedure room. It allows the dry endoscopes to be securely transported and/or stored in a convenient location for use when needed.

Maintains clean, disinfected, dry endoscopes in a safe to use condition for up to 30 days

  • Reduces the frequency that scopes are reprocessed – less chemical, less wear and tear, less staff time

  • No additional chemicals that increase reprocessing cost and risk compromising endoscope cleanliness / patient safety

  • Secures scopes against excessive movement during transport and storage

  • Reduces time needed to store endoscopes in drying and storage cabinet

Key Benefits

Assured safety

The Vac-a-Scope System is designed with patient safety
in mind. It preserves scope integrity by removing air –
without introducing additional contaminants that could
compromise safety or cleanliness.

• Independently type tested to ensure against
microbiological growth for up to 30 days

• A tamper-proof, triple-sealed vacuum bag ensures
the integrity of the endoscope until it is opened for
use on a patient

• Protects the endoscope during transport between
the reprocessing area and procedure room

• Independent monitoring system (IMS) automatically
monitors and documents the process

Easy to use

When protecting against cross-contamination, a
simple system is best. The Vac-a-Scope System requires
minimal training – simply load the vacuum bag with the
endoscope in its tray, scan, and go.

• An automated process reduces
the risk of user error

• Easy to load and package

• Simple processes reduce staff time,
freeing them to focus on other tasks

Ready when needed

The Vac-a-Scope System ensures that high-level disinfected endoscopes are ready when you need them.

• Endoscopes can be stored in a convenient location
for immediate access

• Ideal for emergency procedures

Cost effective

Reprocessing clean endoscopes can be costly. Accurate systems and secure storage can minimise the frequency of unnecessary reprocessing, saving time and money. The system’s small footprint fits easily into your department.

• Minimise wear and tear from reprocessing and

• Maximise the lifespan of the endoscope

• Reduce consumable costs – no additional chemicals
are needed for the Vac-a-Scope System

Technical data

Getinge Vac-a-Scope        
  Width Height (closed) Height (open) Weight
  830 mm 130 mm  280 mm 19.5 kg