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ED-Flow Technical training

We offer training for all personnel working with our products with both theoretical and practical courses.

Our well establish training team has a wealth of knowledge and experience which has earned a reputation for providing high quality and affordable training, along with the positive impact we have on our customers as they use their skills and expertise to make a difference for themselves and more importantly our patients and clients.

First Line Maintenance

The objective of this training is to give the participant theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to carry out basic fault diagnosis for on-site manageable faults.

Course Details

  • Show an understanding of the different cycles used
  • Utilise the synoptic (schematic) diagram to identify whether inputs are present on the I/O Screen
  • Describe the function of key machine components, RFID readers, door operation, air leak test system, water filing channel patency and product intakes
  • Utilise correct documentation
  • Understand the areas of the I/O screen
  • Have an understanding of potential problems and how to diagnose and rectify them

Daily & Weekly Testing

This training will enable customers to carry out daily and weekly testing of the EDF and to assist in managing the EWD on a day-to-day basis. Show knowledge and understanding of national government guidance and it includes an assessment of competency for daily and weekly tests.

Course Details

  • Carry out daily and weekly Automatic Control Test
  • Carry out an assessment of water hardness using an appropriate water hardness testing kit
  • Carry out a test of final rise water conducivity using an appropriate test kit
  • Carry out cleaning efficacy tests of residual soil detection in accordance with the local requirment, either residual protein using an endoscope or residual test soil using a Process Challenge Device (PCD).
  • Take a final rinse water sample for Total Viable Count (TVC).
  • Be aware of the guidance around the correct storage and transportation of a TVC sample taken for laboratory analysis
  • Understand TVC result and give advice on any appropriate action