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The Heart Surgeon’s Cookbook
– A tribute to skilled hands

Getinge is a trusted solution provider for cardiovascular and cardiothoracic procedures. We provide tools, technology, and solutions to improve the clinical experience before, during, and after surgery.

The most important tool in the operating room is the hands of a surgeon. This cookbook is a tribute to the skilled hands to practice surgical dexterity in an unexpected way.


Cindy Blasewitz

Senior Global Training, Development & Clinical Marketing Manager, Getinge

Getinge, a leading manufacturer of medical devices, brings you a story on the parallels between a cardiac surgeon and a gourmet chef. Cindy Blasewitz, shares her thoughts behind this project.


Dr. Nirav Patel

Vice Chairman, Director of Robotic Surgery, New York

Dr. Patel is the surgeon behind The Heart Surgeon's Cookbook. Hear his perspective on how he incorporates his skills and dexterity from the operating room to the kitchen.

Practice surgical dexterity in an unexpected way.

A surgeon’s stitches meet a chef’s knife, creating a symphony of skill and dedication.

The Heart Surgeon's Cookbook by Getinge

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