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Termination of production of new non-invasive NICCI product line - write-down of approx. 8.4 Mio. EUR

Stock Exchange information dated October 26th  2023

PULSION Medical Systems SE (ISIN: DE0005487904 – “PULSION”) today decided to finally discontinue further improvement of its new non-invasive system for hemodynamic monitoring (NICCI) and to permanently stop distribution due to quality problems with the measurement results.

After thorough evaluation, PULSION sees considerable difficulties to meet the regulatory requirements in the USA and the EU. Coming closer to the regulatory requirements would in any case have required a considerable additional investment. However, there are technical uncertainties tied to the regulatory path which contributed to convince the Board of Directors today to adopt a decision to permanently discontinue the availability of the NICCI product. This decision now results in a write-down requirement in PULSION’s books of approx. EUR 8.4 Mio. and overall in an expected one-time negative impact on the 2023 financial result of Pulsion in an amount of approx. EUR 10 Mio. (in each case according to German GAAP).


General Meeting of Pulsion Medical Systems SE

Dear Shareholders,

The general meeting of Pulsion Medical Systems SE took place on

Friday, June 30th, 2023 at 10:00 CET
at Hans-Riedl-Str. 21, 85622 Feldkirchen, Germany.

Please find further information on the German website.

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Administrative board

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  • Vice Chairman: Michael Vallon
  • Cecilia Sjöstedt
  • Magnus Isaksson
  • Henrik Stenmo

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