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Getinge launches the DPTE® Transfer Trolley - safe, smart and simple

Today Getinge launches the DPTE® Transfer Trolley – a smart, mobile transfer platform for use with all standard DPTE® Beta solutions for moving materials into and out of a confined zone without breaking containment or sterility. Its ergonomic, power-assisted design enables easy handling of heavy and fragile loads within confined spaces, while its smart functions help speed-up manual aseptic zone processes and increase production uptime.

The new DPTE® Transfer Trolley developed in Getinge’s factory in French city Vendôme, ensures safety for both people, processes and products in biopharmaceutical production and biomedical research. The flexibility of the trolley extends the value of all DPTE® Alpha port environments by combining support for both single-use DPTE-BetaBag® and DPTE® Beta container solutions.

“This solution is power-assisted with enhanced ergonomics for ease of handling. Using it is almost effortless and, because it’s part of the well-known DPTE® System, the original Rapid Transfer Port, you never have to worry about breaking sterility or containment,” says Paolo Liverani, Senior Product Manager, Sterile Transfer Solutions at Getinge.

The new DPTE® Transfer Trolley enables smarter work with power-assisted controls and its ease of maneuverability reduces aseptic zone disruption and increases production uptime.

“Operators gain full command of fine-tuned positioning to achieve the elevations and tilts they need, and can store precise alignments to its onboard memory,” explains Paolo Liverani.

Two aseptic transfer solutions are offered in one product through the cross-compatibility with DPTE-BetaBag® and DPTE® Beta containers.

“You get double the utility for multiple applications, all within a small, compact footprint,” concludes Paolo.

Learn more about the new DPTE® Transfer Trolley and Getinge’s sterile transfer system.

For more information, please contact:

Anna Appelqvist, Vice President Corporate Communications
Phone: + 46 (0) 734 244 527