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Leading Getinge’s Life Science team into an exciting future

Eric Honroth is Getinge’s new President Life Science as of April 1, 2022. Bringing broad experience from medtech and sky high ambitions, he is excited to take on future challenges and opportunities together with a dedicated team.

The pace, the energy, the challenges – those are some of the things that Eric Honroth loves about the medtech industry. He has been in it for many years and most recently, since joining Getinge in 2018, he has headed the company’s sales organization in North America.

“It’s an industry filled with challenges which means you are constantly moving forward. I love the pace, and it’s truly exciting to work with life-saving technologies,” Eric says.

After college, Eric thought about going to med school. He had family members who had taken that direction and felt as if he had it in the blood. But he also knew it would mean years and years of studies, which made him hesitant.

“My sister was in medtech and suggested I enter that field instead. After university, I started working my way up and have never looked back.”

Eric is honored to take on the position as President Life Science at Getinge; a blooming area with constantly increased customer demands. The need to discover cures and produce drugs in a safe and efficient way is perhaps bigger than ever before.

“Today, Life Science is in the forefront of the health care segment. Being involved in something that is growing, evolving and changing so much feels inspiring. Our Life Science solutions are good for humanity, they help keep more people alive.”

Eric describes efficiency in production, investments in developing people and keeping an innovative mindset as keys to further success. But also the ability to keep a good balance between production and meeting the increased demands.

“I have high ambitions, and I am a believer in not being afraid to fail. By taking thoughtful and calculated risks, we progress and learn things together. I am very excited to join the Life Science team to continue bring value to our customers within pharmaceutical production and research laboratories, with the mindset that anything is possible.”

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