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Getinge introduces DPTE-BetaBag® with material from renewable sources

Getinge demonstrates its commitment to sustainable innovations by launching a new version of the DPTE-BetaBag®, used in sterile transfer. A new beta section made with the majority of plastic from renewable sources reduces the carbon footprint of the bag without compromising its sterile transfer capabilities.

“More and more customers are demanding environmental action and we are up for the challenge,” says Anis Kara, Product Line Manager Life Science at Getinge.

Introduced 60 years ago, DPTE® was the world’s first mechanical containment system. The completely leak tight system features an alpha port in the wall of a barrier system and a beta container or beta bag. Docking and rotating the beta section 60 degrees creates a secure connection to the alpha port.

Utilizing the increased availability of sustainable raw materials, Getinge’s development team has focused on introducing renewable plastics in the beta section, which previously was made of Polycarbonate (PC) from fossil oil, without jeopardizing the performance of the single-use bag.

“The result is the majority of the plastic from renewable resources, such as biomass waste and residues of biological origin, for example used cooking oils,” Anis explains.

To ensure all bases were covered, the new beta section has been exposed to a wide range of tests. This includes functional tests with standard, autoclaved and gamma irradiated parts, operations and leak tests, dimensional comparison on parts, chemical analysis for both raw material and injected parts, as well as injections tests.

A holistic perspective – from extraction of raw materials to production, distribution, and use, all the way to recycling and disposal – is a key component in Getinge’s EcoDesign efforts.

“We have also made a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the DPTE-BetaBag® to determine its carbon footprint. To ensure transparency, the result and claims are verified by a third party,” says Anna Runa Kristinsdottir, Environmental & Sustainability Specialist Life Science at Getinge.

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