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Getinge Announces U.S. Launch of XEN Cleaning Chemistries to Enhance Safety and Efficiency in Sterile Processing Departments

Today Getinge announced the launch of XEN, a new and improved range of cleaning chemistries designed to optimize equipment performance, extend the lifespan of surgical instruments, and improve safety and efficiency in sterile processing departments (SPDs) across the U.S.

The XEN product line features 16 advanced chemical solutions designed to support SPDs in every stage, from pretreatment and manual cleaning to ultrasonic cleaning, automated cleaning, final rinsing, and maintenance. Each formula is crafted to ensure thorough cleaning and decontamination, supporting safe and compliant sterile reprocessing workflows.

“Every procedure and patient in a healthcare system rely on the sterile processing department, and Getinge is dedicated to continually innovating and providing our customers with the tools they need to maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency,” said Stefan Runnström, Director, Commercial Operations, Surgical Workflows, North America at Getinge. “The XEN family of products is the latest example of Getinge’s commitment to keeping patients and healthcare workers safe while supporting efficient workflows.”

XEN Enzymatic+, just one in XEN’s product line of next-gen formulas, is designed to meet the exacting standards of medical instrument cleaning. With its low-foam, pH-neutral, and highly concentrated formulation, XEN Enzymatic+ provides effective cleaning for a variety of medical instruments, including delicate devices.

“XEN represents a significant advancement in cleaning chemistries, offering comprehensive documentation, performance verification, and a reduced environmental footprint,” said Erin Maxwell, Senior Product Manager at Getinge. “XEN provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution that benefits both our customers and the environment.”

The XEN product line will be sold and shipped by Healthmark, a Getinge Company.

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