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Cardiohelp System

A versatile heart-lung support system.


Cardiohelp, small and lightweight heart-lung support system for ECLS/ECMO

A multi-functional system

Highly portable, the Cardiohelp System can be rapidly deployed for transport of patients requiring respiratory and / or circulatory support.

For use in multiple settings

The Cardiohelp System can be used for intra-hospital and interhospital patient transportation in vehicles such as ambulances and aircraft as well as for emergency use outside a clinical environment.

Key features include:

  • Secure installation in any ambulance and various helicopter types
  • Integrated lithium-ion batteries provide at least 90 minutes of operating time when fully charged

A broad variety of transport-specific accessories are available, including mobile holder and base plate for secure fixation of the device or trolley system.

Cardiohelp System

A multi-functional system

A multi-functional system

1. Display

User-friendly touchscreen

2. Battery pack

For at least 90 min

3. Cardiohelp Emergency Drive Holder
4. Protective frame

Protects the Cardiohelp Device against crushing

5. Adjustment of flow and speed


6. USB port type A and USB port type B
7. Emergency button
8. DC device socket
9. Grounding pin
10. Main power supply

Together with the DC device socket, the Cardiohelp device can be used with common voltages and currents worldwide.

11. Alarm output

e.g. ward call

Application Circulatory Support Pulmonary Support
Disposable HLS Set Advanced 5.0
HLS Set Advanced 7.0
 HLS Set Advanced 5.0
HLS Set Advanced 7.0
Place Cath Lab/ER/OR ER/OR
Duration of Use Up to 6 Hours Up to 6 Hours
Flow HLS 5.0: 0.5-5.0 l/min
HLS 7.0: 0.5-7.0 l/min
HLS 5.0: 0.5-5.0 l/min
HLS 7.0: 0.5-7.0 l/min
Transport Air/ground Air/ground