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Getinge Pack Flat Sterilization Pouch

Ensure patient and user safety as well as sterilization process integrity by using uncompromised pouches and closure systems.

Getinge Pack Flat Sterilization Pouches are intended for use in steam and ethylene oxide sterilizers and provide an effective and safe solution against recontamination after sterilization.

Getinge Pack Flat Sterilization Pouch

Repeatable and effective sealing results

  • Superior barrier with 70gsm medical grade paper
  • Reinforced film for easy peel
  • Triple band seal for higher package integrity
  • Accurate & non-toxic chemical process indicators

Even the most robust disinfection and sterilization processes can be rendered ineffective if the integrity of a sterilization pouch or its closure has been compromised during storage, handling and transportation. That’s why Getinge Pack flat sterilization pouches have been designed to provide an effective microbial barrier that significantly minimizes the risk of recontamination after sterilization.

Used in combination with Getinge’s ProSeal sealing device, pouches can be closed in an automated and validated process that helps ensure repeatable and effective sealing results.

Technical data

Order No


Box content


Sterilization Pouches, 6x10

1000 pouches per box


Sterilization Pouches, 7.5x13

1000 pouches per box


Sterilization Pouches, 8x10

1000 pouches per box


Sterilization Pouches, 8x16

1000 pouches per box


Sterilization Pouches, 10x15

1000 pouches per box


Sterilization Pouches, 12x12

1000 pouches per box


Sterilization Pouches, 12x18

1000 pouches per box


Sterilization Pouches, 16x16

1000 pouches per box