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Getinge GSS610N

The GSS610N Steam Sterilizer will keep your sterilization department operating at peak performance, maximizing uptime and efficiency.

Sterilizer product
Sterilizer GSS610H and nurse
GSS610H Sterilizer
Sterilizer GSS610H

The right fit at the right time

Designed for your new normal – for high-throughput sterile processing environments when there’s little or no margin for error.

GSS610H sterilizer operator closes door

Maximize efficiency and throughput

Automatically optimizing process time and media consumption for each load, this sterilizer is compatible with both Getinge and Hupfer Känguruh Loading Systems to maximize the return on your investment.

Sterilizer GSS610H and nurse

Easy operation for all experience levels

With an innovative, user-friendly interface display, this sterilizer has an intuitive design — requiring less training. Large 10-inch high resolution screens are easy to read and monitor, even at a distance.

Sterilizer GSS610H automatic

Automatic or manual loading systems

Make sure you have the system that gives your department the best possible efficient and ergonomic loading/unloading capabilities 

GSS610H Sterilizer

Avoid extra costs

As premium stainless-steel elements come standard in the GSS610N Steam Sterilizer,* you can reduce the long-term financial impact of premature instrument replacement.

*This is important, as the presence of dissolved minerals in steam can shorten the life span of instruments, through staining, pitting, and corrosion.

Sterilizer GSS610H

Optimize utility consumption for every cycle

This resourceful sterilizer controls the temperature of the drain water—minimizing cooling water consumption.

GSS610H Sterilizer

Enhance workflow and improve tracking

An RFID electronic log-in feature controls user access. Saving time, this uses the same security coding employed elsewhere in the facility.

Sterilizer GSS610H close up

Reduce waiting time from the start

Benefit from an automatic start-up/shut-down feature. Preheating the chamber jacket prior to system testing can effectively add an additional sterilization cycle per shift, boosting overall throughput.

Standard high-efficiency vacuum pump

Removes air in the chamber to reduce:

  • Water consumption by as much as 300 to 500 gallons per cycle
  • Energy costs by 20% to 30 compared to a typical water ejector system

Optional Chilled Water Recirculation

Through a connection to your facility’s chilled water system, the Getinge GSS610 Steam Sterilizer can:

  • Further reduce water consumption to 2.6 gallons/cycle
  • Result in water savings of 99% compared to typical potable water connection

Optional cross-contamination barrier

Helps ensure hygienic, cost-effective processing by:

  • Efficiently maintaining pressure differential
  • Preventing air flow between zones
  • Requiring less power to sustain overpressure in the packing area

Access data on demand

A vital administrative and operational service, Getinge Online is a highly secure and encrypted tool that allows you to access:

  • Equipment data from your computer or smart phone on demand
  • Real-time and historical performance data
  • Spare parts ordering information
  • Preventative maintenance guidelines
  • Troubleshooting regimens

Capture and store real-time cycle data

Getinge GSS610N Steam Sterilizers integrate with T-DOC, Getinge's top-of-the-line sterile supply management and traceability solution. T-DOC captures and stores real-time cycle data and allows for reporting on equipment performance.

This can be accomplished through integration with the Data Logging Module of our T-DOC Risk Management Software — a top-of-the-line sterile supply management and traceability solution.

T-DOC provides a valuable source of information for CS managers and hospital administrators, helping to:

  • Quickly remediate any issues
  • Improve production planning
  • Verify compliance when called upon

Technical data

The sterilizer is available in two different chamber depths

Model 14 21
Chamber width 26.46 in / 672 mm 26.46 in / 67.2 cm
Chamber height 45.52 in / 1080 mm 45.52 in / 1080 mm
Chamber depth 55.12 in / 1400 mm 82.68 in / 2100 mm
Capacity 24 trays 36 trays


FDA clearance for GSS610N 21 Chamber Length is pending.