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Maquet Volista Surgical Light

See better, go further. Volista is now compatible with Fluorescence Imaging surgery and NIR cameras. Surgical teams can keep the lights on and remain focused on the procedure.

By enhancing color rendering and minimizing colored cast shadows, Maquet Volista Surgical Lights are designed to maximize the value of your lighting investment.

Maquet Volista surgical light
Maquet Volista StandOP surgical light with AIM mode
Maquet Volista  operating room light color temperature

Keep your light on during NIR-guided surgery!

Looking for a surgical light able to expand NIR guided surgery possibilities? This is now possible thanks to Volista VisioNIR - Our patented light able to be kept on during NIR camera use.

VisioNIR for NIR-guided surgery

VisioNIR for NIR guided surgery

Keep your surgical light on and focused on the procedure while performing NIR* guided-surgery during open cases

The Volista VisioNIR** is designed to enhance surgeon focus and surgical workflow by removing the distraction of repositioning surgical lights during NIR-guided surgery.

The Volista VisioNIR can help minimize the challenges for OR staff when all lights are turned off during NIR guided surgery.

*Near Infrared
**Only available on the Volista StandOP

With VisioNIR, keep the light on during NIR guided surgery

Just keep the light on! No need to choose between one or the other.

With the patented filter wheel developed for the Maquet Volista VisioNIR, the light emitted from the LEDs is filtered to reduce the remaining NIR wavelengths. Surgical light disturbance of the fluorescence signal can be eliminated. Maquet Volista VisioNIR and NIR guided surgery cameras can be used simultaneously inside the operating room.

Maquet Volista operating room light color temperature

Choose the best-suited color temperature*

Each surgeon's visualization needs are different and each step of a procedure can require different color temperatures for improved tissue recognition, Maquet Volista Surgical lights offer adjustable color temperature from 3,900K to 4,500K to 5,100K.

Maquet Volista surgical light LMD

Focus on your patient

The Luminance Management Device (LMD)* is designed to help maintain visual acuity and avoid difficulties in adapting to excessive variations in luminosity. Whether at the beginning or end of a procedure or from light to dark tissues, the luminance will be automatically adjusted according to your registered setting.

*Only available on Volista VisioNIR

Maquet Volista surgical light laminar air flow

Fighting surgical site infections

Hospital-acquired infections delay patient recovery and place additional strain on the healthcare system. The specially designed coating on the Maquet Volista Surgical Light was designed to minimized bacterial adhesion. The lighthead shape is designed for compatibility with laminar flow ceiling systems.

Volista Light Volume

Homogenous volume of light

A homogeneous column of useful light reaches into the deepest cavities, without readjustment. No need to reposition or manipulate the light head, the useful light is available from the surface of the surgical site to the bottom of the cavity without any readjustment.

Volista Shadow Management

Shadow management

When moving below the light heads, surgeons may block some LEDs. With its active, dynamic overlapping of all light sources, the light patch remains stable and homogeneous, keeping contour shadows needed for three dimensional vision.

 Maquet volista and two doctors

Consistent, effective illumination

Automatic Illumination Management (AIM)** automatically compensates for obstructions to deliver additional light from unmasked LEDs. This unique and patented system minimizes shadows and offers consistent and effective illumination without readjustment.

** Standard on Volista Visio

Enhanced visibility for minimally invasive surgery

Maquet Volista surgical lights offer green ambient lighting at the center of the light head to minimize glare on monitors during MIS. The ambient light provides enough illumination to help surgical staff move safely in the darkened operating rooms.

Maquet Volista operating room light: ambient light for MIS
Maquet XHD Flatscreen Holder

Getinge Flat Screen Holder

With the Single / Double flat screen holder, one or two flat screens can be mounted where they’re most needed – close to the surgeon.

Maquet Orchide HD Camera

Full HD cameras

HD images and videos can be shared instantly and with no visible latency. Share best practices among surgeons, or document procedures for risk management with full HD clarity.

Maquet Quick Lock System

Quick Lock System

The tool-free Quick Lock System minimizes the setup time between procedures, and allows full HD cameras and the LMD system to be quickly and easily connected and disconnected to be moved between surgical suites.