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Applikon AppliFlex ST

Optimized performance and fast bioreactor setup

Single-use bioreactors provide higher throughput thanks to easy setup and operation. Plus minimal operator handling reduces the ever-present risk of contamination. The Applikon AppliFlex ST has been designed to make your life in the lab easy.

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The 3 liter single-use laboratory scale AppliFlex bioreactor
The 500 mL single-use laboratory scale AppliFlex bioreactor

Box-to-Bench solution for lab-scale cultivation

  • No more preparing bioreactors
  • Eliminate the risk of cross-contamination
  • Perform more experiments in a shorter time with less work
  • Improve reproducibility and outcomes of your experiments

Easily scale-up your bioprocess with single-use bioreactors in 500 mL, 3 L and 15 L.


Easily configure your bioreactor to match your application

The Applikon AppliFlex ST is different from other single-use bioreactors. It is a fully customizable stirred tank bioreactor. We use 3D printing technology to create any head plate configuration that is optimal for your bioprocess.

These single-use bioreactors are modeled directly on our world standard autoclavable bioreactors and you can be assured each bioreactor meets similar high standards and quality that you enjoy with our glass bioreactors.

Watch the video to view how the AppliFlex offers the flexibility that you need.

This Applikon bioreactor straight to your lab

Are you interested in the single-use Applikon bioreactor, and would you like to get a virtual sample right now? Try these bioreactors in Augmented Reality*.

Scan the QR code on your desktop with your mobile device or click on the link directly on the mobile device and discover how the AppliFlex would be on your bench.

*View this page on an Augmented Reality (AR) compatible device. Augmented Reality (AR) adds digital elements to the camera of your smartphone, creating the illusion that holographic content is a part of a physical world around you.

AppliFlex ST 500 mL in Augumented Reality

Applikon AppliFlex ST 500 mL

Discover how this 500 mL single-use bioreactor will look in your lab.

AppliFlex ST 500ml.png
AppliFlex ST 3L in Augumented Reality

Applikon AppliFlex ST 3 L

Scale up to larger single-use bioreactors for higher productivity.
Explore the Applikon AppliFlex ST 3 L in your lab.

AppliFlex ST 3l.png

From Box-to-Bench

Your bioreactor is ready for operation straight from the box. Take your pre-assembled bioreactor from the box, and get started right away. No laminar flowhood, water supply or drain needed, enabling a smooth and fast workflow.

Save time and costs, execute more runs, and reduce your time-to-market.

Full customizable design

Using 3D printing technology allows for easy optimization of the bioreactor to match your process and application. The headplate can be configured to your unique needs from special ports, sampling lines, connectors, and spargers to addition bottles.

Bring your design to life with a custom Applikon AppliFlex ST.

No cross-contamination

The pre-sterilized bioreactor makes your life in the lab easy. No more assembling and sterilizing before you can start your culture. No more cleaning after the culture is finished. Minimal operator handling reduces the ever-present risk of contamination.

Using single-use sensors allows for a fully closed operation, ensuring sterility in your bioprocess.


Physical characteristics  500 mL 3 L

15 L
Dimensions ( h x Ø ) 236 mm x 75 mm 340 mm x 130 mm 500 mm x 223 mm
Weight 0.2 kg (1 bioreactor) 0.7 kg (1 bioreactor) 1,7 kg (1 bioreactor)
Bottom Dished bottom
Total volume 575 ml 3 L 15 L
Working volume 100 – 400 ml 0.65 – 2.4L 3 - 12 L
H/D ratio total volume 2.0
H/D ratio working volume 1.33
Impeller type Marine / Rushton / Anchor / None / Hydrofoil / Helical and more...
Impeller diameter 28 mm 52 mm 89 mm
Sparger type Pipe with Ø2mm hole / Open pipe / Sparger stone / Jet sparger / Porous sparger and more...
Operating conditions  
Working temperature 5 – 45 °C
Storage temperature -80 – 45 °C
Design pressure 0 – 0.5 barg 0 – 0.1 barg
Mixing time ~3 seconds
Sterilization >25 kGy Gamma irradiation
Sensors options Single-use sensors or traditional multi-use sensors

Customized single-use AppliFlex bioreactors with various impellers and ports to match bioprocessing needs