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Applikon BioSep

Scalable cell culture perfusion

The Applikon BioSep is a unique cell retention device for the process of constant feeding of fresh media and removal of spent media, while retaining a high number of viable cells. It uses high frequency resonant ultrasonic waves to separate cells and thereby automatically removes cell debris, which makes it the perfect solution for continuous bioprocesses.

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The Applikon BioSep 50 liter perfusion device
The Applikon BioSep 10 liter perfusion device
The Applikon BioSep 1 liter perfusion device
Applikon BioSep

The ideal solution for long-term cultivation

  • Automatic removal of cell debris
  • No damage to the cells
  • No fouling or blocking allows for long term operation
  • Scalable perfusion device (0,1 – 1.000 L / day)

High separation efficiency

Using the technology of acoustic resonance allows for high separation efficiency (99%) without damaging any cells. One standard mode of operation employs, for example, a harvest pump at the exit port of the resonator chamber, and a recirculation pump for the return of separated cells that settled from the acoustic energy field within the resonator chamber. Alternatively, the Applikon BioSep system can be set up to allow for semicontinuous operation or alternative strategies of cell recirculation.

Easy to install and operate

The Applikon BioSep can be mounted directly onto the bioreactor head plate. An extensive characterization has proven full scalability between the different sizes allowing you to start in perfusion mode directly at the beginning of your process optimization all the way through to production.
The Applikon BioSep system is available in 1 L/day, 10 L/day, 50 L/day, 200 L/day and 1000 L/day and is compatible with any brand of bioreactor.

Proven under cGMP conditions

The Applikon BioSep system is used as perfusion device in various commercially operated cGMP processes. The 50 L/day and 200 L/day separation model are by default supplied with all documentation and services required for cGMP operation.


BioSep system 1L 10L 50L 200L 1000L
Maximum perfusion rate 1 L/day 7 L/day 45 L/day 200 L/day 1000 L/day
Minimum perfusion rate 0.1 L/day    0.7 L/day 4.5 L/day 20 L/day 100 L/day
Separation efficiency Up to 99% (depending on cell concentration and perfusion flow)
Minimum cell concentration 2 x 105 cells/ml (depending on cell size)
Bioreactor connection 6 mm OD tube 12 mm OD tube Mounted separately Mounted separately Mounted separately
Medium inlet 3 mm hosebarb 6 mm hosebarb 10 mm hosebarb 0.5” TC 0.5” TC
Return line to bioreactor 3 mm hosebarb 6 mm OD diptube 0.5” TC 0.5” TC 0.5” TC
Perfusion outlet 3 mm hosebarb 6 mm hosebarb 6 mm hosebarb 0.5” TC 0.5” TC
Weight 0.1 kg 0.5 kg 1.5 kg 13 kg 70 kg
Resonator volume 0.7 ml 7 ml 50 ml 290 ml 1450 ml
BioSep Controller APS 995 APS 990 APS 990 APS 992 APS 993
BioSep Controller Power 15 Watt 150 Watt 150 Watt 350 Watt 1500 Watt

BioSep Controller Dimensions

(DxWxH, mm)

Combined with my-Control 305x130x130 305x130x130 450x400x135 450x300x450
BioSep Controller Weight (kg) Combined with my-Control 3.5 3.5 17.6 43