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Maquet Corin Mobile OR Table

Intuitive, safe, smart and connected

Meet your new teammate!


Maquet Corin OR Table
Maquet Corin OR Table
Maquet Corin OR Table

An operating table that goes beyond expectations

Maquet Corin is an intelligent guided mobile surgical table that can help to streamline processes in the daily routine of your surgical departments.
Stay fully focused on patients knowing that your operating table is giving intuitive visual feedback that helps manage risks. Easily set up and position patients for optimized site access and ergonomics.

Explore Maquet Corin OR Table

Explore Maquet Corin OR Table

1. Intuitive color-coded user guidance

matches the remote control with the feedback lights at the joints

2. Immediate stop

when collision underneaththe table is detected

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3. Bariatric surgery support

thanks to a load capacity up to 545 kg

4. Streamlined positioning

with simultaneous multidirectional adjustment

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5. Accelerated patient transport

using motorized options and table adjustments while the OR table is in unlock

6. IPC or SFC pads

optimize patient comfort while reducing costly complications

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7. Advanced wireless connectivity

using an internal computer

8. Safe positioning

thanks to the tipping prevention

9. Protection against overloading the OR table

An OR Table to facilitate teamwork and communication

Maquet Corin OR Table

Let the colors communicate to keep you informed

Immediate visual feedback for the whole surgical team. Clear color codes match between the remote control and Feedback Lights at the joints.

Maquet Corin OR Table

Patient orientation information

Feedback Lights are visible through sterile drapes. LEDs indicate the patient orientation and make it easy to locate the angulation points.

An OR Table to ensure protection of people and equipment


Prevent wrong-way errors with intuitive controls

The collision detection system protects the OR team working around the surgical table as well as equipment such as C-arms or patient warming systems.

Maquet Corin surgery table

The tipping prevention ensures safe patient positioning

This innovation ensures safer operations for both patients and operating room staff by accurately calculating weight limits, factoring in patient and accessory weights. 

An OR Table to save time

Maquet Corin OR Table

Gentle and efficient patient positioning

Configure up to 30 personalized user sequences with up to 40 waypoints: record your individual path for a smooth patient positioning.


Simultaneous movements

Various simultaneous movement possibilities for a rapid and precise adjustment into procedure-relevant positions.

An OR table to keep you flexible

Maquet Corin operating table

Accommodates all surgical specialties

  • Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg up to 45°
  • Lateral tilt up to 28°
  • Height adjustments from 580 mm to 1,120 mm (22.8 to 44")
Maquet Corin operating table

Access to bariatric surgery

  • Load capacity of up to 545 kg
  • Bariatric set to enlarge table top combined with extra thick and
    extra large paddings


Get connected with Maquet Corin lifecycle management

Through the connected operating table, biomeds and service technicians, can easily access a wide range of service data and usage statistics. Making sure your operating table is always ready to perform when needed for a surgery.

Maquet Corin operating table

In the OR via QR code

In the operating room, easily and fastly access to overview of online resources:

  • Instructions for use (IFU), HTML and PDF
  • Resources and links
  • OR table details and status

Maquet Corin operating table

Online via the FleetView web portal

Turn insights in to best practice to identify trends for actions and improve training and drive efficiency

  • Maximize device uptime in your OR
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Quick remote support from Getinge 
  • Machines up and running, ready to perform