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The controller for pilot- and production scale bioprocesses

Our robust pro-Control comes with a new and improved design to better fit pilot and production plants. Being compatible with the DeltaV™ DCS, Siemens or Allen Bradley PLCs this solution can easily be integrated in any facility to match process requirements.

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The Pro-Control is a controller designed to work with pilot and production scale bioprocessing systems
The Pro-Cotrol is ideal for bioprocess control in pilot and production
The flexible controller for bioprocesses at pilot and production scale

Bioprocess control in Pilot and Production

  • Fully configurable controller based on your requirements
  • Turn-key package with the SUPR and the BioPilot / BioProduction
  • Variety of software platforms available for maximum connectivity

The pro-Control can be integrated with the single-use production bioreactor (SUPR) in the range of 50 to 250 L maximum working volume, or with our stainless steel vessel with a range of 240 L (BioPilot) to 5,000 L (BioProduction) maximum working volume. The pro-Control is equipped with the latest standard in pump, MFC and sensor technology.

The pro-Control comes in two designs. One design is on wheels that provides optimal flexibility while working with the SUPR and the other design is placed on a skid next to a stainless steel bioreactor.

Seamless integration

The pro-Control integrates with any factory automation system, whether that is DeltaV (V-Control), Siemens PLC, Allen Bradley PLC or iFix. The pro-Control also offers a compatibility with a wide range of sensors, to ensure you can accurately measure your process. 

cGMP compliant

This controller is ideal for usage in facilities with high-demanding GMP requirements. All components have carefully been selected for sterile working environments like biopharmaceutical production areas. The pro-Control can be used in a 21CFR part 11 compliant system.


The pro-Control can be used for both single-use and sterilizable-in-place applications at pilot and production scale. Whatever unique process requirements are being asked, we can create tailor-made systems matching these specific requirements.




BioPilot / BioProduction

Single-use bioreactors Stainless steel bioreactors
pH Sensor Mettler Toledo INSUS pH sensor Traditional Electrochemical
DO sensor Mettler Toledo INSUS DO sensor Traditional Polarographic
Redox No Optional
Temperature Pt-100, Measurement Range: 0-150 °C accuracy 0,1°C
Foam/level No Resistive based measurement
Weight Reactor load cells and balances Reactor load cells and balances
Optional Biomass (Capacitance or optical density), offgas measurements, pressure
Additional I/O Up to 8 Analog in and 4 Analog out ConfigurableUp to 8 Digital in and 8 Digital out

Actuators (optional)

Gas Up to 8 MFC’s with solenoid valves or up to 8 rotameters with solenoid valves
Liquids Up to 4 internal fixed speed pumps
Up to 2 external variable speed pumps
Impeller Marine Impeller Rushton, marine, hydrofoil and more
Temperature Lauda Temperature Control Unit (TCU) Cooling and heating jacket via bioreactor wall via tap water, chilled water, indirect steam or direct steam injection


Control Hardware and Software platform Siemens or Allen Bradley Siemens, Allen Bradley, iFix, DeltaV™ Siemens or Allen Bradley Siemens, Allen Bradley, iFix, DeltaV™
Certifications CE certified, GAMP compliant CE certified, GAMP compliant
21 CFR part 11 compatible Yes Yes
Communication & SCADA Lucullus® PIMS, DeltaV™, iFix; Getinge OPC server available Lucullus® PIMS, DeltaV™, iFix; Getinge OPC server available