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Nomination committee

Pursuant to a resolution by Getinge AB’s 2005 annual general meeting, the Nomination Committee comprises Getinge’s chairman of the board and representatives for the five largest shareholders at August 31 each year, as well as a representative for smaller shareholders.

The Nomination Committee is tasked with presenting proposals to the annual general meeting regarding the election of the chairman of the meeting, election of chairman of the board, vice chairman and other members of the board of directors, election of auditor and remuneration to the board members and the auditor.

Ahead of the 2017 annual general meeting, the Getinge Nomination Committee comprises Carl Bennet (Carl Bennet AB), Carina Lundberg Markow (Folksam), Ossian Ekdahl (the First Swedish National Pension Fund), Per Colleen (the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund), Cecilia Marlow (Nordea) and Viveka Ekberg (representative for smaller shareholders).

The Nomination Committee´s proposals are announced in conjunction with the notice to the annual general meeting at the latest.

Proposal Submission

Shareholders who would like to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee, can contact the Nomination Committee by e-mail or postal mail.

Getinge AB
Att: Nomination Committee
Box 8861
SE-402 72 Göteborg