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Björn the power metal star

Daytime he optimizes sterile centrals. At night, he is a power metal star.

Passion for music has always been a vital part of Björn Asking’s life. As lead singer in a famous power metal band, he keeps his fire burning by entering stages to perform all over the world.

Björn Asking describes that music, hard rock in particular, is part of his DNA and the kind of person he is. Even though he didn’t start performing until he was 20 the passion has always been there.

“But something suddenly sparked a fire in me, a craving to work more actively with music. I had decided to stop singing and go all in for playing guitar, but after winning a singing contest it ended up the other way around”, says Björn Asking, lead singer in the Danish power metal band Seven Thorns.

Before joining Seven Thorns in 2015, he has been part of several bands, among them a Swedish one called Zero Illusions.

“We had a gig in Copenhagen about 13 years ago, where we hooked up with Seven Thorns. We kept in contact for 10 years, and when my other band came to an end I was recommended to audition for them. I had an insanely high fever during the audition”, he recalls.

But Björn got the job, and since then the band has started making more progressive music and leaning more and more towards power metal.

“It’s a subgenre of heavy metal, sort of as speedy hard rock with melodic singing”, describes Björn.

As lead singer he is the front man of the band and always in the spotlight, where he likes to be.

“It’s fun, exciting and motivating. I remember for example when we were in the TV show Talent in Denmark. Most of the other contestants were quite young, I guess they wanted some diversity”, laughs Björn.

They didn’t win that time, but stayed for three rounds with their version of ABBA’s Mamma Mia.

“Metal fans in Denmark really hated us for doing such a cover as they thought it was just for a few minutes in TV. When we had the chance to explain that we had played that song for several years on tour all over Europe people seemed to calm down and respect what we did. We performed for our Danish fans at Copenhell, a metal festival in Denmark, shortly after being on Talent and by then the ‘ABBA incident’ was forgiven”, says Björn.

He keeps many tour memories close to his heart, including the joy of meeting new people from other parts of the world, and some slightly more peculiar situations.

“We once played in Sri Lanka. It was awesome! Sound check was interrupted because a monkey destroyed the speakers, and during the show the sky was suddenly filled with thousands of bats. Probably the best possible free and unexpected props”, tells Björn.

During some periods in his life he hasn’t been in a band, which made him feel empty inside.

“Being part of this is very important to me, it brings dynamic to my everyday life. It also widens my perspectives and keeps me from feeling limited”, explains Björn.

He finds running a band similar to running a small business. Both when it comes to making the economy go around, trusting each other and creating good balance between the band members.

“It’s collaboration on a very deep level, and learning how to compromise. It’s crucial for the band’s success that we all feel good and get engaged in what we want to accomplish. It’s the same things I strive for at Getinge too”, says Björn.

When he is not performing at concerts and festivals around the world, Björn works as a Project Manager at Getinge, optimizing sterile centrals for Swedish customers.

“I feel that Getinge is very much about respecting the employee’s free time. It’s easy to compromise, as long as I engage at work I can keep travelling our tours too. I love both the similarities and differences between those two ‘jobs’ of mine, it keeps my passion going”, smiles Björn.

Terkel Christiansen/Aggressive Artwork & Elin Bryngelsson Lidestedt