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Getinge’s new share issue over subscribed

Press release December 22, 2008

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The preliminary calculation of the outcome of Getinge AB’s (Getinge) rights issue shows that approximately 23 597 056 shares, representing approximately 99 per cent of the total rights issue, have been subscribed for with primary preferential rights. In addition, approximately 24 260 829 shares, representing approximately 102 percent of the total rights issue, have been subscribed for with subsidiary preferential rights. The final subscription outcome will be made public on or around January 13, 2009.

The Class B shares that were not subscribed for with primary subscription rights will be distributed among those shareholders who have subscribed for shares with subsidiary preferential rights, according to the principles described in the prospectus. The rights issue is thus over subscribed and the underwriting guarantee does not need to be exercised. Through the rights issue Getinge will receive SEK 1,990,000,139.50 before transaction costs.

The terms of the rights issue entailed that shareholders, with preferential rights, could subscribe for one (1) new Class A share and Class B share for each nine (9) existing Class A shares and Class B shares held, respectively. The subscription price was SEK 83.50 per share. Last day for subscription was December 18, 2008. As a result of the rights issue, the number of shares in Getinge increases by 23,832,337 and the share capital increases by SEK 11,916,168.50. After the rights issue, the company’s share capital amounts to SEK 119,161,688.50 distributed among 15,940,050 Class A shares and 222,383,327 Class B shares. The newly issued Class B shares that have been subscribed for with primary preferential rights are scheduled to trade on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm from and including Friday January 9, 2009.

The rights issue was carried out in view of the previously announced public tender offer to the shareholders of the US company Datascope and for the purpose of creating the financial strength necessary to take advantage of other attractive acquisition opportunities.

Financial and legal advisor
SEB Enskilda is financial advisor to Getinge. Mannheimer Swartling is legal advisor.

Getinge, December 22, 2008
Getinge AB (publ)

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