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Getinge launches new isolator optimized for common aseptic applications

Today, Getinge launches ISOPRIME; an isolator with comprehensive connectivity and traceability features. It is the ideal solution for customers looking for a rigid wall isolator that combines high quality, versatility and continuous operations at a competitive price.

In pharmaceutical production, products must be protected from contamination and operators kept from harm by unintended exposure to dangerous chemicals. To facilitate this, barrier isolators are being used; machines that create a separation of raw materials, a product or an experiment from its environment during aseptic operations.

With years of experience from building isolators, Getinge is now launching ISOPRIME to meet growing customer needs. Behind this latest innovation are the fundamental elements of the technology found in the medtech company’s market-leading solution ISOFLEX.

“With ISOPRIME, we focus on the core features that maximize the value for our customers who are looking for a price competitive solution. ISOPRIME is an ideal entry-level rigid wall isolator with a simpler, cost-efficient design that at the same time assures high standards for safeguarding against microbial and particulate contamination,” says David Barbault, Isolator Product Line Manager at Getinge.

Just like Getinge’s ISOFLEX, the ISOPRIME solution is based on a 4-glove format and can support either unidirectional airflow or engineered turbulent flow ventilation. It also features the Steritrace integrated, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) bio-decontamination system.

“Alongside its various customization options and comprehensive connectivity and traceability features, ISOPRIME has been designed to ensure swift, non-disruptive execution of loading, unloading and maintenance tasks,” explains David.

ISOPRIME is compliant to all relevant standards for aseptic operations and related applications, and the solution enables the integrity of aseptic operations to be ensured and validated.

“ISOPRIME maximizes throughput and is optimized for continuous operations. It is also easy to maintain with minimal downtime and disruption. Basically, ISOPRIME brings high-end isolator capabilities in a cost-efficient solution, and we are glad to be able to add this solution to our offering, supporting safe pharmaceutical production around the world,” says David.

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