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Getinge launches intuitive and high-performance multi-chamber washer-disinfector

Getinge’s new multi-chamber washer-disinfector, Aquadis Index combines high capacity with low utility consumption, to help Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) staff around the world meet both productivity and sustainability goals.

Getinge Aquadis Index Washer-Disinfector is easy to operate and features a unique user-interface that can be easily operated by staff at all experience levels. With a high capacity of up to 18 (DIN sized) trays per load this product ensures efficient throughput.

“Our new washer-disinfector is designed to adapt to unique needs while maintaining high performance,” says Marcus Samuelsson, Product Manager Cleaning and Disinfection at Getinge. “With a top modern multi-chamber technology, it offers high capacity, throughput, and low utility consumption without leaving any compromises on cleaning efficacy. It’s fully connected, allowing CSSD staff to quickly maximize uptime and ensure that the washer-disinfector is always ready to perform.”

One of the standout features of Aquadis Index is its utility-saving technology. The feature reduces water, energy, and detergent consumption, thereby minimizing overall resource use. The washer-disinfector also offers one side service-access where ergonomic and direct access makes daily operation and service easy.

“Aquadis Index supports hospitals’ sustainability journeys by offering premium cleaning with minimal consumption,” Marcus adds. “With features like reuse tanks, dynamic water filling, optimized detergent dosing, and heat/energy recovery, Aquadis Index improves the resource efficiency.”

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This information is intended for an international audience outside the US. For information about market availability, please reach out to your local Getinge sales representative.