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Flow-c simplifies everyday anesthesia workflow in the busy OR

Getinge presents Flow-c, a compact anesthesia machine where every detail has been thoughtfully designed to ease daily work, enabling cost-efficient and safe treatment for patients.

Based on the world-class Servo ventilator platform and with the same innovative technology as Flow-i, the Flow-c ensures superior ventilation performance with the power and precision needed to ventilate all patient categories.

 “The Flow-c is designed to simplify everyday anesthesia workflow in the fast-paced OR.The intuitive and easy to use touchscreen gives one point of control for all functions, and the system’s operational simplicity saves time and contributes to improved mobility in the busy ORs,” says Lena Evander, Director Product Management Anesthesia at Getinge.

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Despite its compact design, Flow-c packs in a great rail length using every millimeter of space. The stepless rails allow monitors, tables and other accessories to be added where it best suits the user.  And with the neatly routed back, covered by specially designed panels, Flow-c minimizes the clutter of hoses and cables, and contributes to an improved hygiene and safety in the OR.

As all Getinge Flow models, the Flow-c have the unique O2Guard to prevent hypoxia as a standard feature.This safety mechanism overrules the clinician´s settings and increases the flow of fresh gas and oxygen if the O2 level should drop below 21%.

Read more and watch the film about the new Getinge Flow-c here


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