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Optimize bioprocesses with AppliFlex ST single-use bioreactor

Continuous innovation is key to improvement in upstream bioprocessing. Pressure to improve productivity is increasing while focus needs to be on the main goal: to deliver products that improve quality of life. Applikon Biotechnology, part of Getinge, offers the AppliFlex ST – a customizable single-use bioreactor that optimizes bioprocesses and reduces labor hours in the lab.

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Single-use bioprocessing equipment has become more and more popular in recent years. Clear benefits in risk mitigation and ease of use have contributed to this. The AppliFlex ST single-use bioreactor was designed based on these principles.

“Switching to an AppliFlex ST single-use bioreactor means no more cleaning, preparing and sterilizing bioreactors. The bioreactor is ready for operation straight from the box it arrives in,” tells Tom van Arragon, Product Manager at Applikon Biotechnology.

The bioreactor can be used immediately on the laboratory bench, enabling a smooth and fast workflow. Single-use sensors can be setup in no time for a fully closed operation, ensuring sterility in the process.

“Thanks to a faster setup and easier operation the laboratory staff will achieve higher throughput in their work. When done, they just dispose the bioreactor according to instructions and grab another one to start a new run. We call it a Box-To-Benchworkflow,” explains Tom van Arragon.

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