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The global challenge

The possibility to provide people with effective, high-quality health care is a major challenge in most countries. The combination of increasing populations and longer life expectancies increases the pressure on health care systems.

Getinge is committed to finding solutions to these challenges and thereby enhancing the quality of life for people. We do this by providing our customers with the necessary knowledge, technology and resources to gain optimal clinical outcomes and, ultimately, to save lives.

Meet our passionate people

At Getinge, we can be anything. We are passionate about life and about who we are. Together, we are now telling our stories to the world! Check out this new video starring some of our fantastic employees!

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Diversity & Equality

Getinge strongly believes that diversity is a driver of innovation, culture and talent attraction. As we want to be an attractive employer, both for today’s and tomorrow’s employees, providing equal employment and development opportunities to all employees – regardless of gender, race, religion and other irrelevant contextual factors – is the foundation for all our efforts.

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Human Rights

Every person around the world deserves to be treated with dignity and equality. Our dedication to human rights, regardless of where in the world we operate, is established in our Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy. Any Getinge employee who suspects violations of our policy is expected to speak up, and the company is committed to investigate and act appropriately.