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Cardioroot Woven Vascular Graft


Woven Vascular Grafts

Cardioroot graft delivers a new option for the repair or reconstruction of the ascending aorta.


Anatomically correct shape

The design of Cardioroot mimics the anatomy and blood flow dynamics of the natural sinuses of Valsalva.[1],[2] [3]

Unique uncrimped section that does not stretch:

  • allows for easy sewing of valve remnants, or prosthetic valve within the tube to simplify the procedure[4]
  • facilitates estimation of the length required for placement of valve remnants or prosthetic valve
  • can be precisely trimmed and shaped in case of remodeling technique procedures.

3 reference lines act as a guide for prosthetic valve or valve remnants anastomosis.

Valve sparing procedures

The proximal collar can be used for prosthetic valve sewing or trimmed/inverted for valve sparing procedures.

Cardioroot graft details
Cardioroot graft


Body Diameter Body Length Bulge Diameter Bulge Length Collar Length Reference
24 mm 15 cm 32 mm 24 mm 10 mm HEWROOT0024
26 mm 15 cm 34 mm 26 mm 10 mm HEWROOT0026
28 mm 15 cm 36 mm 28 mm 10 mm HEWROOT0028
30 mm 15 cm 38 mm 30 mm 10 mm HEWROOT0030
32 mm 15 cm 40 mm 32 mm 10 mm HEWROOT0032
34 mm 15 cm 42 mm 34 mm 10 mm HEWROOT0034

All references

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