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IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge Meditrax Manual Traceability


Total manual traceability with Meditrax

Meditrax is the first level quality assurance system for accreditation purposes. With Meditrax you can record the location, time, date, machine number and person responsible for specific actions, linking every process and making it possible to trace back to any information needed in case of irregularities.


Meditrax is the complete manual traceability and quality assurance solution that enables you to protect your patients and your facility by making it easy to document all steps in the sterile supply flow. The solution is easy-to-use and provides the same basic functionalities as an electronic solution. 

Key Benefits

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Meditrax Manual Traceability Solution Sterile Supply Management

Document the full instrument reprocessing cycle

A complete manual traceability solution, Meditrax uses fit-for-purpose records, labels and pens. These specially-designed materials enable you to enter and retrieve detailed data about single instruments and instrument trays within the sterile supply workflow - from patient to washing and packing, sterilization and back to the patient again. Meditrax is your manual tool for documenting the full traceability circle.

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Meditrax Manual Traceability Sterile Supply Management Patient Safety

Increase patient safety and protect against hospital acquired infections (HAIs)

According to the World Health Organization, millions of people are affected by HAIs every year. Documenting your instrument reprocessing with Meditrax helps protect your patients from irregularities in the sterile supply workflow.

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Meditrax Manual Traceability Sterile Supply Management packing with patient label

High quality, long-term archiving of CSSD data

All Meditrax products were specifically designed to work in the challenging environments of the central sterile supply department’s washers and sterilizers. High quality materials means your records will be well preserved even after 10 years, with detailed accounts of all processes, responsible employees and patients involved.

All records, labels and pens are made out of durable materials to ensure years of use and a lasting archive of critical information.

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Meditrax Manual Traceability Sterile Supply Management Quality Assurance documentation

Traceability that protects your staff

By documenting that every process has been completed according to local sterile supply reprocessing guidelines, Meditrax helps protects your CSSD staff from potential liabilities. When an individual item requires attention, Meditrax is designed to record any non-conformance issues and all associated details.

Key Features

An easy-to-use instrument tracking system

Meditrax offers intuitive processes that make it easy for your CSSD to get started with traceability.

Your first step in instrument traceability

Meditrax is an easy-to-use manual traceability solution that is designed to ensure quick recording of processes and intuitive use by staff. The simplicity of Meditrax makes training and hospital implementation easy.


Meditrax makes an ideal first step when it’s time for traceability in your CSSD as it clearly establishes the concept and introduces the steps to tracking both single instruments and instrument trays.

Materials developed for the CSSD

Meditrax provides a broad portfolio of products specially designed for the CSSD environment.

Water and temperature-resistant materials

Meditrax’s records, labels and pens were specially developed to endure the challenging conditions of the sterile reprocessing. With our special waterproof records and pens, you can rest assured that traceability documentation will hold up inside washers and sterilizers without being damaged.

Audit and non-conformance modules

Meditrax supports the auditing of all sterile reprocessing.

Your archive for sterile reprocessing reviews and error reports

Meditrax offers modules for daily and weekly audits. The archived logbooks allow you to access relevant records if required at a later date, and they also support external audits and quality management.


The non-conformance module helps you control all medical devices that might have been rejected during the sterilization process. It also logs the corrective action taken by the department and person responsible.

Quality Assurance

Audit-quality documentation of the CSSD.

Ensure compliance in your sterile supply workflow

Meditrax’s sterile supply records not only provide traceability for your hospital but also quality assurance through documentation for external and internal audits.


Meditrax is based on the ISO 9001 standard of quality management systems and has been used in hospitals throughout the United Kingdom and Australia for over a decade.


Explore the world of sterile supply management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.