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NICCI Technology

NICCI Technology
NICCI Garage

NICCI Technology

Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring at your fingertips

NICCI* is the latest innovation in Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring, providing continuous and non-invasive parameters.

*NICCI is not yet CE-approved and is not yet commercially available in your country.


Never miss a beat

Integrating 20 years of excellence of the CNAP® Technology*, NICCI provides a complete picture of your patient’s hemodynamic status – ensuring you "never miss a beat".

Thanks to its design, it can easily be integrated into your clinical routine. NICCI provides the flexibility of using continuous monitoring especially when an arterial line is not indicated and intermittent NIBP is not sufficient.

* Continuous Non-Invasive Arterial Pressure by CNSystems

Advantages of continuous blood pressure measurement and its derived parameters

Continuous BP measurement allows the detection of rapid BP changes often unidentified by upper arm cuff measurement [1]

Derived advanced hemodynamic parameters (CI, SVV, PPV, CPI etc.) allow the user to quickly obtain cardiovascular parameters at baseline [2]

Enables individualized intraoperative fluid management [2]

NICCI Technology setup

NICCI Advanced Monitoring

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