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Critical information - always in sight

From the OR to the ICU, Pulsiocare gives you the full picture of your patient‘s hemodynamic status to support immediate, data-driven decision making when you need it most.

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In critical situations, access to information can save valuable time.

  • Comprehensive hemodynamic data: Enables tracking of therapeutic decisions and timely adjustments in ICU or OR.
  • Meaningful data delivery: Pulsiocare monitor delivers clear and customizable data layout for effective decision-making.
  • Intuitive patient-focused monitoring: Ensures patient-focused monitoring with an intuitive interface.
  • Advanced technologies: PiCCO and ProAQT technologies measure diverse hemodynamic parameters, displaying critical patient data for quick action

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Next generation Hemodynamic Monitoring

The new state-of-the-art- monitor for advanced hemodynamic monitoring.

Integrated PiCCO and ProAQT technology

  • Included without the need for additional modules
  • Built-in context-based guidance
  • Enables use in the ICU and OR

Simple and user-friendly interface

  • 13.3 inch responsive touch screen
  • Easy navigation, simple touch and swipe
  • Standby and measurement mode

Complete hemodynamic status at a glance

  • 360-degree alarm visibility
  • Customizable view and parameter layout
  • Wide range of viewing options (organ, spider, trend, profile, parameter overview)

Flexible and portable set-up

  • Battery operation possible
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Screen lock for safe transport

Explore Pulsiocare

Explore Pulsiocare

1. 360-degree LED alarm light
2. Alarm control button
3. Information bar
4. Menu bar
5. Real time pressure curve
6. Adjustable parameter field
7. View area
8. On/Off switch

Intuitive data visualization with Pulsiocare

Pulsiocare allows you to customize and easily switch between five different views to access the necessary information in the best way.

  • Organ View: measure parameters to the cardiovascular and respiratory system for lung, heart, and vessel visualization (available for PiCCO technology)
  • Spider View: Displays continuous parameters dynamically in relation to normal or target ranges, offering a basic risk assessment.
  • Profile View: Graphical bars depict parameters, with the light grey area on each bar indicating the normal or target range.
  • Trend View: Illustrates parameter development over a selected time span, with the trend line in relation to normal or target ranges.
  • Parameter Overview: Lists all parameters grouped by physiological relevance, displaying current values with traffic light-colored symbols indicating their relation to normal or target ranges.