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Acrobat-i Stabilizer

Helps surgeons gain better access and control for hard-to-reach vessels during CABG surgery.

Off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) surgery can offer patients benefits like reduced stroke in high-risk patients[1], reduced bleeding complications in diabetics[2] and reduced in-hospital death with patients with low ejection fractions[3].

Practice-Proven Features

The Getinge Acrobat-i off-pump system incorporates practice-proven features from the Getinge Acrobat and Getinge Xpose product families. Utilizing OPCAB surgery can lead to fewer cognitive and neurological effects, shorter hospital stays, and fewer wound complications.[4]

Getinge Acrobat-i Stabilizer

  • Suction pods provide ideal stabilization and superb
    vessel presentation.
  • Malleable foot conforms to the heart for optimal

Getinge Acrobat-i Tri-Slot Socket

  • Flexible access to challenging vessels with “toes-up”
    and “toes-down” positioning.

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Excellent stabilization: malleable feet provide ideal stabilization and superb vessel presentation.


The low-profile arm is designed for increased strength, and innovative Flexlink™ technology features interlocking links that enable greater maneuverability.


Tri-slot socket design provides access to difficult vessels in "toes-up" position, for maximum visibility.

Optimize the work area with a low-profile mount

  • Thin stabilizer mount maintains a constant low profile,
    even at extreme arm positions.
  • Locking lever is streamlined and out of the way.

FlexlinkTM arm technology delivers proven strength and reliability

  • Stabilizer allows a vertical drop of the FlexlinkTM arm into
    the chest cavity.
  • Delivers proven Getinge Acrobat strength and flexibility.

Tubing management system removes work area clutter

  • Integrated channels secure the tubing from movement.
  • Maintains an organized working space.
  • Improved vacuum tubing flexibility.

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