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Getinge Assured Helix Tests

Assurance to the user that maximum cycle parameters have been achieved to release the load.

The Getinge Assured Helix Test is a reusable device accompanied with single use chemical indicator strips. The indicator strips will change color from pink to black when exposed to appropriate steam sterilization conditions. The adhesive indicator strips can be used for record keeping.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Getinge Assured Helix Tests is a reusable device with single use chemical indicator strips

Getinge Assured Helix Tests offers:

  • Cycle specific calibrations - 134°C at 3.5, 4, 5.3 and 7 minutes
  • Re-usable holder can be used for 250 cycles
  • Suitable for daily sterilization monitoring
  • Adhesive back for easy documentation
  • Lead free and no toxic heavy metals
  • Color change from pink to black

Technical data

  Order No.
Getinge Assured Helix Test 3.5, 3.5 minutes 134°C 504052700
Getinge Assured Helix Test 4, 4 minutes 134°C 504052800
Getinge Assured Helix Test 5.3, 5.3 minutes 134°C 504052900
Getinge Assured Helix Test 7, 7 minutes 134°C 504053000