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Healthcare professionals can find help and guidance on how to benefit from our offerings to treat your patients, as well as other practical information and advice.

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The Hybrid OR is the future of surgery

A single surgical workspace that combines imaging equipment with a multifunctional surgical table. It allows clinicians to diagnose and treat in a single location, reducing risk and delays, improving patient safety, and ultimately reducing costs. The surgical table top not only meets the needs of multiple surgical disciplines but also balances the need for panning when used for advanced imaging.

See the future becoming reality!

One room, multiple uses – the possibilities are endless

Once limited to cardiovascular procedures in the cath lab, image-guided surgery has expanded to comprise nearly all surgical disciplines, including cardiovascular, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopedic urology, and traumatology procedures – all of which benefit from intraoperative imaging.

Learn how a Hybrid OR set-up can support different disciplines and procedures.

Hybrid ORs – surpassing today’s expectations

As a pioneer in the design and installation of Hybrid operating rooms, Getinge goes well beyond the installation of Hybrid ORs or multi-modality suites. Our comprehensive approach places the patient and workflow optimization at the center. In order to eliminate patient repositioning during intra-hospital transport while enabling intra-operative access to multiple imaging modalities, Getinge joined forces with Siemens Healthineers to develop the PILOT Patient Transfer System.

Philips and Getinge:
Partners in an integrated Hybrid OR

For more than a decade, Philips and Getinge have worked together to seamlessly integrate Philips imaging systems with Maquet Magnus surgical tables.

When paired with the Maquet Magnus table, the new, compact, ceiling-mounted Philips Azurion with FlexArm delivers unlimited imaging flexibility for diverse procedures. Together, we help you to cost-effectively optimize the performance of your Hybrid OR and deliver superior care.

Click here to learn more about Philips Azurion with FlexArm

Benefits patients, clinicians and hospitals

The Hybrid OR offers benefits for all key stakeholders.


  • Smaller wounds and less trauma mean faster recovery
  • Better quality of care
  • More innovative treatment for better outcomes
  • Shorter procedures may reduce the amount of anesthetic per procedure and X-ray exposure


  • Improved ergonomics
  • Assists in reducing procedure length with online diagnostic
  • Better imaging for better diagnosis and surgical precision
  • Increased safety due to direct control
  • Better quality of care


  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Keep complex cases in-house in safe areas
  • Reduce the length of procedures, enabling more procedures per day
  • Patient perception as modern, cutting-edge facility
  • Saving time due to direct control and not on the next day
  • Shorter patient stay

Get more mileage with a Hybrid OR

A Hybrid OR is a major financial investment, but also an investment in patient outcomes and staff satisfaction. When planning your new facility, it’s important to focus on the needs and workflows of today, but also the rapidly evolving – often as-yet-unknown – technologies and tools of tomorrow.

In this downloadable article from Healthcare Purchasing News, we discuss how strategic planning and strong partnerships can help you build a solid foundation for your future-proof Hybrid OR.

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Going hybrid

Suitable for hospitals of all sizes.

The Hybrid OR is not simply a resource for large, urban medical centers. Even smaller hospitals can benefit from the increased efficiency and improved clinical outcomes that image-guided surgeries can deliver. Investments for fluoroscopy, CT and MR are no longer the exclusive investment of the radiology department. These kind of diagnostic tools can be easily installed in the OR for surgical patients, or walk-in patients in a sterile area.

An investment in the future of your hospital

It’s no surprise that new surgical procedures have the potential to save more lives. Clearer diagnostic imaging means more effective procedures. Less invasive surgical techniques can reduce complications and accelerate recovery.

Today’s cutting-edge image-guided surgical procedures will soon become the standard of care. Clinicians and patients alike will expect to have access to the technologies that enable these surgical procedures, whether at a large university medical center or a smaller community hospital.

Two doctors looking at a screen

Designed for growth

Getinge Hybrid operating rooms are a future-proof, long-term investment. We build our Hybrid OR solution on a modular layout, carefully structured with the flexibility to accommodate new technologies while replacing old resources. When innovative new surgical or imaging technologies emerge, you can integrate these new elements into your existing layout.

infographic of equipment

Budgeting for your Hybrid OR project

At Getinge, we create customized Hybrid OR solutions to meet your hospital’s specific needs. The cost of a Hybrid OR can vary based on selected equipment, pre-existing resources and a variety of other factors. Our Hybrid OR solution is designed to be flexible and future-proof, setting the stage for growth.

In general, the cost breakdown is as follows[1]:

Your personalized Hybrid OR: Setting up the ideal working environment

The modern Hybrid OR can open new surgical and therapeutic opportunities, but the additional equipment, personnel, and space requirements can present significant operational and budgetary challenges for hospitals.

While there is no denying the therapeutic benefits of a Hybrid OR, hospitals need to maximize their return on investment by building multidisciplinary spaces that must be everything to everyone. How do you create a working environment that feels tailored to you, while still giving everyone comfortable access to what they need to provide the best care for their patients?

Download the Hybrid OR infographic

Tailored to your specifications

Consultancy and planning by Getinge.

Every Getinge Hybrid operating room is a customized solution. Our Hybrid OR plans are determined using a thorough and detailed analysis of your surgical applications and technical requirements. We analyze the workflow in every space, maximizing ergonomic efficiency with the installation of each piece of equipment.

hybrid operation room

A successful project is the result of careful analysis

Together, we’ll build a road map that identifies key elements in your Hybrid OR setup: room size and dimensions; project organization and management; integration phases; and practical examples of similar implementations. Finally we will go through your concept to validate the final layout to aim to the success and functionality inside in the new hybrid suite. 

Project planning - Welcome to Getinge Hospital Solutions

For decades, Getinge has delivered outstanding room designs that have efficiently integrated complex technologies into complete concepts for cath labs and Hybrid ORs. Getinge Hospital Solutions offers comprehensive 3D project planning, room visualization and implementation for your Hybrid OR. Our solutions are tried and tested to ensure that patients get first class medical treatment in a configuration that is tailored to the needs and workflow of your hospital.

Find out how Getinge Hospital Solutions can help you

Room planning examples

Please find some examples of different Hybrid OR scenarios with each of our imaging partners.

Bringing a concept to reality

Getinge Hospital Solutions offers complete concepts from a single source tailored precisely to your technical and economic requirements. Hospitals, planners and architects all benefit from the expertise that Getinge Hospital Solutions have gained over the many years it has worked in this clinical space.

The modular room system Maquet Variop consists of the substructure, the wall and ceiling system, doors and the optional integration of built-in elements such as monitors or windows. Maquet Variop can be adapted to a wide variety of installation situations.

Successful installations

Explore Getinge Hybrid operating rooms from around the world and see how our years of planning and consultancy experience helped these hospitals to build their Hybrid ORs.

Yuanlin Christian Hospital, Taiwan

Yuanlin Christian Hospital is one of the newest and most modern hospitals in Taiwan, with nine conventional operating rooms and two specialized Hybrid OR configurations.

The hospital partnered up with Getinge to design a cutting-edge hybrid operating block incorporating a double sliding gantry CT, an angiography system, and a navigation system.

Learn more about this project

hybrid OR lights on

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hospital do Coração, São Paulo, Brazil

hybrid OR

Okayama, Japan

Okayama University Hospital, Okayama, Japan

Hybrid OR dortmund

Dortmund, Germany

St. Johannes Hospital, Dortmund, Germany

Hybrid OR Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

Valley Private Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Hybrid OR Zürich

Zurich, Switzerland

University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland

Hybrid OR bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Why choose Getinge as a partner?

More than 1,000 successful installations worldwide.

The planning and implementation of a Hybrid OR is a sophisticated process. We’ve helped hundreds of hospitals meet their goals of establishing efficient, interventional hybrid rooms as well as multidisciplinary Hybrid ORs. We understand the unique needs of each surgical discipline, and work with you to build comprehensive solutions that exceed expectations and measurably improve patient care.

With more than 1,000 installations worldwide, Getinge Hybrid experts provide valuable assistance in creating an efficient, future-proof, multidisciplinary Hybrid OR. When you choose Getinge, you’re choosing a partner who can support you throughout the lifecycle of the Hybrid OR.

Doctors in operating room

A single point of contact to coordinate all phases

Hybrid OR’s are complex environments that require strong project management skills to ensure successful installation. When you work with Getinge, you will have an experienced point of contact that remains working with you and your team throughout the installation process. The Getinge team can assist you in managing the full scope of the project, including partnering with other vendors and supervising contractors. Your project consultant will be skilled at identifying compatible products that meet your needs, optimizing the workflow of the room and ensuring all elements of the project running smoothly together to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid costly time delays.

Developed in partnership with clinicians: The Getinge Hybrid OR

At Getinge, we look at the big picture. Our strong partnerships with healthcare professionals enable us to develop strategies that address real-world clinical challenges. We go beyond individual products and deliver complete multidisciplinary solutions that suit all clinical disciplines within the Hybrid operating room, delivering the best possible clinical result.

From room planning to workflow management, Getinge can deliver a solution that best suits the needs of all of your clinical specialties: cardiac, vascular, neurology, orthopedics, urology, gynecology, traumatology and oncology.

Improve patient outcomes through advanced technology

Getinge offers a wide range of products for treating acute health conditions. You can find us in the OR supporting your cardiac, pulmonary and vascular procedures with our wide range of instruments and implants for cardiovascular and bypass surgery, anesthesia equipment and ventilators. We also offer advanced products for the minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Doctors and nurse in operating room

Our perfusion portfolio supports day-to-day challenges of perfusionists

Our customer-centric and flexible best-in-class perfusion solutions allow physicians, perfusionists and nurses to have more time to treat and care for their patients.

doctor pointing at screen

Flow-i – an anesthesia solution supporting your workflow and patient safety

The Flow-i anesthesia system supports the flexibility, efficiency and safety needed in a multifunctional environment, such as a Hybrid OR. The ergonomic and attractive design, low weight and ceiling mounted capabilities of Flow-i assist staff with workflow optimization, while maintaining patient care.

Doctors discussing in hospital hallway

Improve your daily postoperative outcomes with goal-directed fluid management

Advanced Patient Monitoring tools are key components in today’s surgical fast-track protocols because they support proper patient fluid management. These tools help significantly reduce  perioperative complications, improving survival rates.

Cooperation with leading imaging providers

We are proud to partner with all of the leading imaging companies, each a pioneer in their own respect. Together, we have taken the Hybrid operating theatre to new heights by setting advanced therapy standards.

We have different solutions for different disciplines, supporting the idea of an optimized and comfortable workflow in the hospital. For example, we support the transfer from emergency or helicopter to radiology or the OR, as well as the workflow within the OR environment in combination with angiography, CT and MR.

operating table magnus Getinge + Siemens

Siemens Healthineers
Engineering Success. Pioneering Healthcare.

The Getinge and Siemens collaborate ensures  full integration between the Maquet Magnus operating table and Siemens ARTIS pheno, Artis zeego, Artis zeego with Q Technology, Artis Q ceiling and Artis Q biplane.

Operating table magnus

GE Healthcare
Imagination at work

Getinge and GE Healthcare have jointly developed a highly flexible Hybrid OR solution that combines GE’s powerful Discovery IGS mobile robotic gantry with Getinge’s versatile Maquet Magnus OR table system.
The combined solution brings both intuitive 3D fusion image guidance and complete workspace freedom to the Hybrid OR.

operating table siemens + getinge

Innovation + you

The Maquet Magnus carbon fiber table top is integrated with the Philips Allura Xper or Clarity and Azurion imaging systems. Thanks to the full integration between the two systems, the Maquet Magnus table can be operated via the table controls of the Philips imaging system.

Canon C-arm with Maquet Magnus

Canon Medical Systems
Made for life

As a part of the decade long partnership with Getinge, Canon Medical Systems  supplies the Infinix™-i angiography system and the Aquilion™ X-ray CT scanner. The Maquet Magnus operating table is integrated with angiography systems Infinix-i Hybrid and Infinix-i Hybrid+, perfectly meeting the requirements of hybrid procedures.

OR infrastructure that exceeds clinical expectations

From walls to tables and everything in between, Getinge has created a Hybrid OR infrastructure for angiography rooms as well for CT and MRI Hybrid rooms that are second to none. The elements complement each other for seamless interaction and an ergonomic user experience.

Hybrid OR screen

Imaging integration for functionality and safety

The Maquet Magnus table is synchronized with a number of angiography systems, including Allura Xper family from Philips; Siemens Artis Q zeego and Artis Q Ceiling; Infinix-i from Canon Medical Systems; and Discovery IGS 730 from GE Healthcare. The table and imaging system communicate bi-directionally, eliminating the possibility of collisions. This integration also makes it possible to preserve the isocenter when the position of the C-arm or table is adjusted.

Operating room outside view variop

Customize the Hybrid OR with modular wall elements

Our modular room and ceiling elements allow hospitals to design every aspect of the operating room in line with their requirements. They can be quickly assembled and disassembled without the use of specialized tools, minimizing downtime due to construction. Maquet Variop fully meets all construction requirements in terms of fire, radiation and sound insulation, and its surfaces can withstand any hospital approved cleaning agents and disinfectants.

OP lights Powerled Getinge

Surgical lighting for precise, shadow-free illumination

Getinge lights set standards of illumination quality, safety, convenience and operational efficiency for a variety of minimally invasive and open interventions. OR teams benefit from optimal illumination of the operative field, thanks to the advanced shadow management system. The special extended arm for hybrid treatment provides a wide range of motion and ensures effortless positioning of the light head over the operating table.

Ceiling supply units

Save space and create order with ceiling supply units

Ceiling supply units help hospitals and room planners balance the need for a small foot- print with capacity and load requirements. They save space, create a more orderly and ergonomic working environment, streamline workflows and increase efficiency to further enhance the multidisciplinary use of the OR. By moving cables and devices from the floor to the ceiling, the clinical team benefits from better access to the patient.

Tegris OR Integration System

Tegris manages the operating room – including surgery video routing, music, data management, device operation and customizable settings – through a single system that improves the OR working environment and flow.

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Integrated Workflow Solutions

With IWS, we offer you a safer, integrated and better utilized facility that supports greater consistency and efficiency, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on delivering the best possible care for patients.

Prevent infection in the OR

If the OR is the heart of the hospital, the central sterile supply department is its lungs. A complete solution for disinfection and sterilization takes more than first-rate equipment and accessories. Efficient sterile supply reprocessing is vital for delivering the right equipment at the right time, reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Read more about sterile supply reprocessing

All references

  1. ECRI Institute, 2015 – Hybrid Operating Rooms with a focus on Endovascular Hybrid ORs, p. 3