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Together we create and protect Getinge and by extension, our stakeholders. We have a responsibility to ensure that our company’s books and records are accurate, that information we learn while performing our work is used properly, and that we treat information with great care.

What does it mean for us?

Getinge professionals have some exceptional ideas — lifesaving ideas no less — and designs, innovations, expertise… you get the picture. So we protect those ideas, and in turn we respect the intellectual property of others. Everything we deliver is the genuine output of the brilliant minds at Getinge.

We work with suppliers who meet our own high standards of conduct and provide the best value for our investments. And we treat our suppliers with the same respect we have for each other.

We steer clear of secret whispers and follow stringent communications procedures to ensure we deliver timely, accurate and clear information as soon as it’s ready to be shared.

Some jobs are best left to specialist, so we leave company announcements and communications up to the appointed spokespersons.

We are all responsible.

Our policies help us by being clear what doing things right is. We can’t all walk around with them all day, but we can stop and think before we act:

  • Is this Getinge business sensitive information?
  • Is this vendor 100% Getinge?
  • What is the correct process for this?
  • Am I passing gossip on that may be hurtful to someone?

Getinge is responsible.

Our policies have clear messages everyone should know, whether you’ve read them in their entirety or not.

Getinge is committed to responsible business, wherever we operate, and we rely on the same level of commitment from our suppliers. We have processes and teams dedicated to capturing the best value from suppliers, in a way that facilitates the fair, open, and responsible competition we are committed to.

At Getinge, we are committed to safeguard Getinge’s key innovations, inventions, technologies, designs, know-how, brands and original works of authorship. We are also committed to complying with applicable legal requirements worldwide to ensure that our products, services and business are safe, effective and compliant. Getinge endeavors to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Our communications aim is to contribute to a correct and long-term effective exchange of information and to build trust with our colleagues and all of Getinge’s external stakeholders.

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