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Leipzig, Germany
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Leipzig Interventional Course 2022

Getinge continues to support LINC, the Leipzig Interventional Course.

The educational goal of LINC is to stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion on the basis of the scientific evaluation of the different techniques, used for the endovascular treatment in the daily practice.

On Wednesday June 8th from 12:30-13:15, Getinge will host a Lunch symposium in main Arena 2

From data to everyday practice with Advanta V12: Trusted on table, reliable over time

Moderator: Tilo Kölbel

Panel: Andrej Schmidt, Jean-Paul de Vries, Lorenzo Patrone

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Event details

Leipzig, Germany

Traide Fair Leipzig

Getinge booth nr. 10
Advanta V12 Balloon Expandable Covered Stent

Advanta V12 balloon expandable covered stent

For more than 15 years, by touching over 500,000 lives, our Advanta V12 balloon expandable covered stent has been trusted by physicians for its ease of use and proven, reliable outcomes.

Clinical Data

Long-term positive outcomes of Getinge Advanta V12 stand out in new systematic literature review which shows that Advanta V12 is the only balloon expandable covered stent with long-term and real world follow-up.


Stenting procedure

Bilateral common iliac artery stenoses remodeled with Advanta V12 balloon expandable covered stents.

Advanta V12 – Now available in Large Diameter

Increasing your treatment options with 12 mm diameter balloon expandable covered stents.

  • Expansion capability to 16 mm.
  • Full PTFE encapsulation provides smooth inner flow lumen.
  • Over 15 years of consistent, durable performance.

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