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Unveiling the passion – Henrik Danielsson’s Getinge journey

Henrik Danielsson is a dedicated Getinge employee who, for nearly two decades, has played a crucial role in manufacturing washer-disinfectors, essential machines that contribute to saving lives. As Getinge’s Växjö factory celebrates its 80th anniversary, Henrik reflects on his journey, progress made, and an exciting future ahead.

Henrik Danielsson, an integral part of Getinge for almost two decades, works in a team that manufactures Getinge's washer-disinfectors. With a diverse range of responsibilities, from welding and manufacturing to electrical work and testing, Henrik's dedication and expertise contributes to the quality and reliability of these crucial machines.

"What keeps me engaged in my work is the variety and the opportunity to work on different things," Henrik shares. "From welding to packaging, every day brings new challenges and learning experiences. But it's not just the tasks; it's the people too. We have a fantastic team, and the work environment is supportive and enjoyable."

Henrik takes great pride in knowing that the washer-disinfectors he helps produce play a vital role in central sterile supply departments at hospitals across the world.

"They are instrumental in sterile reprocessing of surgical instruments, ensuring the safety of patients. It gives me a profound sense of purpose and makes me feel that I am part of saving lives,” Henrik explains.

Over the years, Henrik has witnessed progress in the field.

"Since I started at Getinge, there have been big advancements," Henrik recalls. "We have made significant strides in sustainability, improving the environmental impact of our machines. The ergonomics have also been enhanced, making the work environment safer and more comfortable. Moreover, the design progress we have achieved is truly impressive."

Henrik's journey at Getinge began as a temporary worker, but his dedication and passion led him to stay and forge a lasting career.

"I have never regretted my decision to stay," Henrik affirms. "There are always opportunities to learn and grow, and the experiences I have gained here are invaluable."

As Getinge's Växjö factory is celebrating its 80th anniversary, Henrik is excited about the future.

"We also have a new product launch coming up later this year, and it's amazing to see how far we have come in 80 years. I am thrilled to be part of the ongoing innovations and breakthroughs at Getinge."

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